Prenup (Engagement) Shoot Ideas

It’s not a secret that I love prenup (engagement) shoots. There’s just so many different themes/ideas to play with. The hubby and I may already be married but we still plan on doing shoots (postnup) like this every year. Here are some themes/ideas that I would love to try…

1) Cherry blossoms
One of the things that I really want to do is travel to Japan, explore and see the cherry blossoms. And when I finally do this, I want us to have lots of amazing photos…

b7b01222ea7843d6040b7e87f46c57a4 cc9e036ff8a2d6bb1d0c67c6d13f9e67

2) Spring/Flowers (lots and lots of flowers)
Kinda similar to the above… I guess this idea has already been used a lot of times. But fields of flowers make really good background. I have yet to find a place like this near us though.

moneyshot-prenup-ian2 Grapevine-engagement-photos-bluebonnets-wild-flowers-field-trains-historic-tracy-autem-ashley-travis_0008 acf252

3) Autumn
I love the autumn colors and I think the scenery looks extra cozy during this season. Too bad we don’t have four seasons here in Manila.

5e5185956d23c345bc14b21b1df5b3b6 engagement-shoot-fall-leaves-throwing 5-autumn-inspired-wedding-shoot-wellies-trash-dress

4) Junkyard
The idea was actually brought up by Liza of Little Red Moments when we were planning our engagement shoot with them back in 2010 but we didn’t find a junkyard that would be good enough to shoot on. When I inquired in an online community about it before, I think some people thought I was crazy but I saw some photos online with this idea and I think they look great. And it’s not so common too.

junkyard-vintage-car-engagement-session-los-angeles04 2010MAR27_Lindsay_159 SM_blogtemplate_horizontal.indd amanda-and-josh-47

5) Underwater
I don’t know how to swim but I would definitely love some underwater shots.

Kendrew_066 hannah3 Underwater Engagement Session

6) Boudoir
I’ve had a boudoir shoot before and the idea of doing it with the hubby seems nice. It doesn’t have to be sexy. I think I actually prefer it to be more like a comfy, no-fuzz shoot in a well-lit bedroom.

couples_boudoir-compiler-1 676b7fc5257dba9bf251e2c4ad6bc140Update: I guess I can take this one off my own list. Click here for the first set of our 2013 shoot.

7) Something Messy and Colorful

It’s nice to get dirty every once in a while, right?

Fun-Engagement-Picture-Ideas.001 YogeshAnna_19 40e6d94dd5b4e0f265ea586b5be301b3 05e047a2354edf74f27b46a9f28f7d77

8) Balloons
‘Coz I love balloons and I always associate them with ‘fun’.

image-6 balloon-engagement-shoot.001 Engagement-shoot-with-balloons-and-props balloons-engagement-photos-02

What about you guys? What theme would you like to have for your engagement shoot?


4 thoughts on “Prenup (Engagement) Shoot Ideas

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  3. Hi! I like the cherry blossom theme. Is there a venue here in Manila that can be associated with that kind of theme? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi chelle, sorry for the late response… unfortunately, i have no idea where in Manila this theme can be achieved… unless you get a stylist who will work on the setup.

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