Second Photobook Complete!

After two years, I finally got to finish a new photobook project. Banzai! I was originally planning on making one for our other prenup/engagement shoots but ended up making one for our family shoot. My mom has been posting photos from our shoot in FB all the time so I thought it would be a nice gift for my parents.

I haven’t used Photobook in a while and when I finally got the inspiration to make a new one, there has already been a lot of updates in the software. It’s a good thing though coz I get to use new backgrounds and scrapbook items that weren’t there before. However, there were also some items that were removed.

Here are the new layouts that I came up with… Best part of this is that the Proof photos no longer have the word ‘Proof’ written all over it like last time…

The cover page. It’s from a ready-made page style (CPS_005). I added the scrapbook items just ‘coz I thought it was a nice touch and the ‘Family is Forever’ seemed to really suit the photobook. I used a frame for the front pictures to match the hand-drawn style of the scrapbook items. I chose this back cover photo because we had our backs to the camera. Hehe.


Both designs are from a background available in the software and I simply put these two backgrounds side-by-side to create a ‘mail’ theme. I added a photobox and textbox to put in the postcard design and tilted it to make it look like it was part of the postcard. I added page style (PS_129) to add more photos on the left page. For the right page, just one photo and made it look like a stamp on an envelope using Frame_T08 and changed the photo to Sepia.


For this page, I used different photos of us walking together and placed it in one line across the whole spread. I used Frame_04 as a mask to make the photos look like a roll of film. Then I used another photo and fit it to the whole spread then changed the opacity as the background photo.

I fitted one photo on the whole right page and added scrapbook items. BG_T04 was used as a background of the left page with pagestyle PS_066. Added more scrapbook items such as the postcard.

Used the PS_068 page style for the left and added half of the set for the right page. Used similar photos again and just added scrapbook items at the right side of the page.

I’m not sure if you can see it but the background is actually a map (BG_V02). I used this specifically for a page for my parents because my father worked abroad since I was born and they mostly spent a long-distance relationship. I added the scrapbook items around the page as well as the quote about the ‘distance’. It just felt appropriate that way.


I used page style PS_074. Chose a background and added this quote which I thought was funny.

I used a photo that was not focused on us (intentionally blurry), fit it to the whole spread and changed the opacity again. Then I just added photoboxes on opposite sides of the spread.

The opposite page for this is actually quite similar minus the sun. Background used is Background-6. It just felt like the background is an extension of the sky on the photo (just a bit more sunny).

The main photo on the left had ample space at the bottom so I added two more photos. Then I changed them to sepia and black-and-white, similar to the photos on the right.

A page for me and the hubby. ^_^ Of course there has to be lovey-dovey stuffs in the page. I just used random photos of the two of us together. Then I chose the photo of us holding hands while walking around the pool, fit it to spread and change the opacity to make it into a background.

A simple page. I just chose a page style, background and frame that I think look good together.

Another simple page. Chose a simple layout and a simple background. I just used a drop shadow for the photoboxes to give it a nice effect.



And yet another simple page. These are some of my favorite photos. I just fit them both in the page. I changed the opacity of the photo in the left and added a scrapbook item so the whole spread wouldn’t look too ‘monotonous’. Not really sure what word I’m looking for.

Here’s the busiest page of them all. I did something similar on my first photobook. I really like the cluttered-effect. I used different scrapbook items and frames for this.

And to end our photobook…

I got one more photobook project to do… I wonder what should I do with that? Prenup/Engagement photos again? Or maybe Postnup photos? Or another wedding album? Hmmmm…. I need for inspiration to strike anew.

What do you guys think of the photobook I made?

Click here for sample layouts from our first photobook.


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