2013 Shoot Set I

I think I mentioned somewhere in this site that the hubby and I thought of having a postnup shoot once a year. I thought it would be a nice tradition and it would be a good way to see how we change throughout the years. Well, this is our third one so far and I would have to describe it as our most relaxed shoot to date. Not a lot of fuzz, comfy clothes and venue. The whole shoot was pretty laid back.

Of all the themes that I mentioned in this post, #6 was the last theme I thought we’d ever get to do. When you say “boudoir”, I always think of lingerie and a sexy shoot. And unfortunately, the hubby and I don’t exactly have the “kind of body” for that… 😛 BUT, we thought of ways to do it in a way that doesn’t require us to be “sexy” but still have a “boudoir-ish” quality.

Thanks to our HMUA (Kaycee Lim) and photographer (Shayla Sanchez), we were able to have a fun shoot at Picasso Hotel.

Shayla became our “freenup” photographer which we won from Imagine Nation. Back then, she was still an apprentice and was a DJ at 94.7. Now, she’s a senior photographer at Imagine Nation and Boudoir Dolls.

These are the photos from our first set. 🙂

SHY_1167 SHY_1177 SHY_1185 SHY_1187 SHY_1213 SHY_1218 SHY_1229 SHY_1232 SHY_1235 SHY_1243 SHY_1246 SHY_1258 SHY_1264 SHY_1273 SHY_1280 SHY_1298

What did you guys think?

Click here and here for the second and third sets.
Click hereherehere and here for our 2011 postnup shoot.
Click herehere and here for our 2012 postnup shoot.


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