Travel Kwento: Camp Netanya

I first saw Camp Neyanya in Facebook. The place looked really beautiful. Very Santorini-ish and I really wanted to go. So when initial plans after our Boracay trip did not push through, I tried my luck to check if they still had rooms available for me and my parents. And they did. Yay!

I entered the resort in awe. It was just so pretty! So picturesque! The lobby looked luxurious and the staffs were really nice.

After checking in, we had our late lunch at their only restaurant, Greeka. We ordered a club sandwich, burgers, clam chowder and chicken gyro. Food was great though the chowder was really watery.

Feedback: The restaurant had open windows and there were a lot of flies around. I hope they could get rid of those somehow. And I hope they add more dishes to their menu.

Our room is a Family Deluxe. It had 2 queen-sized beds and the bathroom was really nice with a bath tub and a separate shower area. (I forgot to take photos but the bathroom floor tiles were also so pretty).

The room was also perfect for us because it was right in front of the kids’ play area which CJ really enjoyed. (It was annoying though because a couple had their prenup shoot here and decided to use the playroom so CJ couldn’t use it, when we went back after they finished we found that they moved the furniture around and didn’t put them back. Grrrr…)

It was located in the higher floors though (not the pool side) so it was quite a task going up and down flights of stairs to get to the pool. The elevators were not yet working as well.

Here’s the view from our room.


Took lots of photos of the place.

I think this one’s not yet done but on the way to the pool area you will pass this hall that would be perfect for functions or weddings.






While roaming around the resort I had a bit of an accident though. I went all the way down to check the water temperature. There were no warnings around and the last step was SUPER slippery. I slipped right into the water as soon as I stepped on that last step and injured my foot and bruised my left hand which I used to stop myself from falling completely through. I was so scared because I had no idea how deep it was and I didn’t know how to swim. Plus, nobody knew I was there. I was actually thinking that if I hit my head and died there it might take a while for them to discover my body (yes, I’m over-dramatic like that).

We asked for some antiseptics and they did provide us with some to clean my wounds with. But they didn’t even ask what happened to know if they could do something about it in the future.


Where I got injured…


We took a dip in the pool afterwards. I loved the infinity pool and we felt safe because there was a lifeguard the whole time. They also provided us with towels and bottles of water when we went to the pool side. The pool as a 12-ft deep side and you can borrow their life vests if you want.

From the pool, you also get to have a really nice view of the sunset.



Then, dinner… Yum! Bulalo, crispy liempo and daing na bangus.

And we just took more photos after.


FB_IMG_1494392338310Nice area to hang out…FB_IMG_1494392332704

The next day, we checked out and then had lunch there before leaving. Bagnet kare-kare and adobo.


A week after our trip, there was an earthquake that damaged the resort so they had to close. Their FB page advised that they have opened reservations for October though.


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