Travel Kwento: Boracay 2017

A Boracay trip was on our Family Goals for this year. I really just wanted to hang out by the beach, enjoy and relax so we booked the trip with my MIL and nieces.

Unfortunately, one of my nieces decided not to go at the last minute. And the hotel booked was NOT beach front which is what I had in mind when I planned the trip. 😦 Thankfully, it had a big pool and a slide that my son really enjoyed.

We stayed at the Crown Regency at Station 2 which is a 5-10 minute walk from the beach (depending on your pace) from March 26-29. We didn’t book a hotel transfer but commuting to the hotel from the airport wasn’t so hard. Tricycle – Boat – Tricycle was all it took.

It was a typical hotel setup. I was disappointed with the room cause it seemed so small for its price. Good thing they had a bath tub because CJ hates showers. I think for the price of the room it should have included tickets for the aquarium that they had but it didn’t. Aquarium tickets were priced at 400 each and we didn’t think it was worth it.

The WIFI at the hotel sucked. The IT people had to visit our room multiple times. My MIL had some work to do so she needed to send out emails and at times ended up going to the lobby to get network connection. I didn’t get to connect using my mobile until the 2nd night and even then the connection was slow. What sucked even more is that the reception wasn’t so good so I couldn’t use my mobile data very well either. 😦

We liked using the pool late in the afternoon to early evening and there were times when the lights were not turned on and the pool area was a bit dark. My son loved the pool and used the slide with his dad a BUNCH of times. I think that was his favorite part of the trip. 🙂


Wave Rider I think costs about 1300 for 30 minutes. 1500 for an hour.


Unfortunately, we didn’t know that Summer means tons of moss by the beach. You’ll have to get past this if you want to swim. We did that and it was a good swim. The water is still very clear and blue and beautiful.

CJ didn’t like the sand at first but we put him on top of a big mound of sand and he started enjoying it. I love seeing him like this.


We walked from Station 2 to 1 one evening and CJ enjoyed seeing and experiencing so many things.

We also had a day spent island hopping. The assembly was at 9AM in front of La Carmela. From Station 3, we road a boat and stopped for 30 minutes to go snorkeling. The waves were really strong though and I got too scared to actually get in the water. I also ended getting sea sick for the first time.

We then went to Puka Beach. We tried swimming but the waves were too strong and CJ got scared so we just spent our time sitting on the shade which required us to buy some refreshments. The fresh buko costs a whopping 250php!!!

Next was a lunch buffet somewhere I can’t even remember. The food kinda sucked. Sorry but it’s true. I don’t think a foreigner would have enjoyed that lunch. Good thing CJ isn’t a picky eater and actually enjoyed his pancit.

After lunch, we went to Crystal Cove. Entrance is at 200php each. We were cheapskates so we didn’t go in. We ended up sitting under a small shade along with other tourists waiting for their boats to pick them up coz they can’t “park” at the beach front.

The rest of our stay we spent lounging around the hotel and swimming at the pool. Next time, I’m definitely getting a beach front hotel and would choose a date where it’s clear of moss. Maybe by that time, we can do helmet diving and para-sailing with CJ too. (Ah, that sounds like a long way off…)


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