Zootopia Birthday Party Ideas

We didn’t get to do a lot for our Zootopia Birthday party so I thought I’ll just share some ideas on how to incorporate the theme.

These are some of the ideas I found online or thought of that we weren’t able to do for CJ’s party. I just thought other people might find it useful. 🙂

Balloons. I wanted to fill the venue with lots of blue and green balloons (color scheme of Zootopia) and half as much orange balloons (carrots and Nick). These were our color scheme during the party.

I would have added a few animal balloon prints like these…
41w30sht6qlOr some animal shaped balloons like these…

Or simply use these animal printed balloons which matches our color scheme.

Unfortunately, it felt such a waste to have so many balloons since only CJ and a cousin were the kids in the party.

Popcorn in a carrot-shaped paper container like these would make great snacks.aa-graces-bday-675

I was thinking of putting them on white picket fences like these…download

It would have been nice to have 2 or 3 sets on the long table we had. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the right kind of paper to use and the white picket fences I ordered did not push through.

Carrot (and apple juice). I found some printable Zootopia-themed water bottle labels. I thought some carrot juice in glass bottles (left) with these labels (right) would also be great to have as an alternative beverage.

I was thinking of naming it “Bunny Burrow tonic” or something.

Zootopia clipart banner. This idea came from the DIY Birthday Blog where I got the food labels from. It would have been nice to at least have the cliparts printed to decorate the venue but they didn’t come out quite as nice as in the link so I scrapped it.


These images are really cute too.toy1926_2

Or these… (photo source here)au_inspire_mydisney_article_zootopia_roadsigns

Pawpsicles. I thought of making our own pawpsicles using fresh fruits but I couldn’t find a mould for them. 😦

(Mini) Jumbo Pop. We found this brand of popsicles that looks like the jumbo pops in the movie but we weren’t able to find the store that sells them near the venue.

Animal Felt Masks. They’re so cute! Saw them in pinterest and in this site where templates are available for DIY. [Edited: coz I took one look at the photo and decided I couldn’t make them but just learned that this would have been an easy project. I wish we were able to make these too.]

Carrot-shaped Cake Pops (left) or even Bunny Burrow Cupcakes (right) from this Bunny Birthday party. These are really nice, especially if the celebrant is a girl.Bunny-Birthday-Party-via-Karas-Party-Ideas-KarasPartyIdeas.com4_.jpeg

Police Officer badge. As an added give-away for kids.

Anti-Fox repellent. I found this printable “Fox Away” image online here. I thought an antibacterial spray with this label would be a nice give-away for adults. Or maybe a pepper spray… 😛images

Zootopia cake and sugar cookies. I found these awesome videos of how to make sugar cookies that look like pawpsicles and other zootopia stuffs. Too bad I can’t bake.

And that’s that… Click this link for CJ’s Zootopia Party.


3 thoughts on “Zootopia Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Hi Thank you for posting our fox and bunny Zootopia mask. However, my fox and bunny mask are DIY :). The project includes templates etc making it very easy to make :).

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