Honeydukes: DIY Candy Buffet

I was so happy with the way our DIY Candy Buffet turned out thanks to the help of our event stylist and event coordinator. We named it after the famous candy shop in the Harry Potter series, Honeydukes.

Deiz provided the tables (because Queensland would charge us for rent if we request it from them) and styled the candy buffet and our coordinators helped and brought the candies. I bought jars of different sizes from Daiso and borrowed the other jars and plates from my cousin and my mom.

Unfortunately, not everything has a photo again. It was really disappointing considering that we had a lot of DIYs that I didn’t get to take photos of because I was depending on our photographers. Oh well, what can you do? I’ll make sure I’ll have photos next time…

To start this post, these are some of our DIY candy treats:

Chocolate Snitch
We bought almost a hundred pieces of Ferrero and put gold little wings on it to make it look like the golden snitch. My mom made the wings using gold stickers and stuck it on using toothpicks. They were a big hit and aren’t they just cute?

Unfortunately, some of the guests hoarded them a bit and not everyone got one. 😦

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans
The jelly beans itself was store-bought but my mom DIY’ed the boxes. I got a template online and printed it out on a thick paper (200-220 gsm) then my mom made it into this… 😀

It was a bit tricky because the paper we used can’t hold a lot of weight and it was important for the jelly beans to be seen through the box to make it look nice so we cheated a little bit by putting some thin plastic at the bottom of the box that acted as a pillow to elevate the jelly beans. That way, we wouldn’t have to put a lot.

I saw some jalapeno flavored jelly beans online and I thought of playing a trick and mixing some in (every flavour beans, right?) but I felt guilty thinking about the kids who would eat them so I didn’t. 😛

Chocolate Frogs
This would’ve been nice if we had the time to make the boxes that they come with like in the movies as well as the collectible cards. There are templates also available online for both. But the boxes looked a bit more complicated and we already had a lot of DIYs so we didn’t go though with it.

I got the chocolate mould through Amazon and I used Goya quick melt chocolates for these. I made them a day or 2 before the party.


Was still experimenting on these and they didn’t come out so nice which is why we ended up using the Goya chocolates. These were made from the chocolate bars you would normally get from Baking shops.

Harry Potter Chocolate Pops
I acually didn’t know what to call these so we ended up not naming it, really. The mould also came from Amazon: an owl, a rat, a sorcerer’s hat and Harry’s glasses. I used the same chocolate as the frogs.

Magic Wands
These are chocolate-covered pretzels ‘dipped’ in white chocolate and then sprinkles. This was a struggle because the white chocolate was thinker than the milk chocolate so it didn’t come out as nice as I thought it would.


Yeah, they didn’t come out so well but there were no leftovers so I guess they still liked it (?) Anyways, I know what to do with it for next time.

Cockroach Clusters
I doubt the guests knew what this was supposed to be because I didn’t see the label and they put the pops, wands and these on the same plate. Anyhoo, these are crushed (but not too crushed) Oreos covered in either white or milk chocolate then put on round silicone moulds for cake pops like this..


Edible Floo Powder
This is a powdered candy that I simply placed on test tubes. If you’ll look at the main photo, it’s at the back of the owl (right). No close-up photos of these. 😦

Crystalized Unicorn Tears
These are actually just round candy sprinkles placed on test tubes. It’s placed right beside the edible floo powder. I don’t think a name label was also made for these. I didn’t scrutinize the candy buffet table that much.

Apple-Flavored Butterbeers
My cousin made this for us. Jay and I looked for small mason jars (which was actually a challenge and quite expensive) to use so that it would have that butterbeer look. This was made with apple-flavored gelatins then topped with whipped cream. Doesn’t it look nice? I love that my cousin even put a label on the jars.

Sadly, the mason jars didn’t make it back to us. 😦

I wanted to have different candies to represent the 4 Houses in Hogwarts so I looked for single-colored candies which was a bit of a challenge here in Manila. There were some single-colored lentils and jellybeans but I didn’t want to have lentils for all Houses and we already have the Bertie Bott’s jelly beans so I looked for candies in Amazon. There were a LOT to choose from there. Unfortunately, the shipping was not cheap so I couldn’t get a lot of them. This idea was a product of the below photo that I got from pinterest which is supposed to represent the House Points.


For these candies, I got Gryffindor (red) sixlets, Slytherin (green) sour apples, Ravenclaw (blue) gumballs and Hufflepuff (yellow) lentils. Unfortunately, unless you are a potterhead, you probably wouldn’t have noticed them. There aren’t even actual photos from our candy buffet and they weren’t placed the same way as the above photo. There were only about a pound of each candy so it couldn’t be put in tall containers like this.

We had a couple of store-bought candies too. I simply renamed them to get the Harry Potter feel. Some of the candies we included are:
Blood Worms – Gummy worms
Forbidden Forest Bears – sugar-coated gummy bears
Werewolf Fangs – Valentine Candy Corn from Amazon
Chocolate Galleons – chocolate coins
Golem Snot – Chocolate Stones
Mixed Treats – Candy Fruits
Chocolate Wands – Stick-O
Multi-colored lentils



The candy on the right photo was a last-minute addition because the hubby saw it at the store and decided to buy it (which was a good call). I didn’t get to name it though, it’s a chocolate covered to look like a lady bug. It reminded me of Rita Skeeter for some reason even though I knew she transforms into a beetle and not a lady bug.

As snacks for guests while waiting, we also got:
Cheezy Snitch – cheese balls
Hufflepuff-corn – caramel popcorn
Dragon Scales – potato chips (V-Cut)
And white cheese popcorn that I never got to name. 😛


I hope we get to do a candy buffet again in the future. I enjoyed working on this even though it turned out to be more expensive than it would have been had I gotten a candy buffet supplier myself. 🙂

What do you guys think about our candy buffet?

For details of our Harry Potter party, click here.


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