Christmas Shoot 2015

So we had our family shoot scheduled for January when I saw this post from Mayad Beginnings about a Christmas Photoshoot Marathon. I still wanted to have an actual shoot for 2015 but do not want to have to go through all the trouble of planning for it (not to mention the expenses) and I thought this was perfect.

How did it work? There were 3 scheduled dates to choose from with each date designated for a specific set on their studio. The sets were just really beautiful and I wish we could have gotten photos on all 3 of them. We were asked to select a time for the shoot. Each client is allotted 30 minutes to shoot so that means you can’t be late for it. Unfortunately, we were…

They sent us layouts of sample outfits that are recommended for each set so that we could coordinate our clothes and not clash with the set. For the set we chose, we decided on shades of blue and grey/silver. We were also requested to come to the studio already made up and ready to shoot to save time.

We had our clothes ready and since this was only a 30 minute shoot, I decided to just get my hair and makeup done on a salon. We got to the parking area (which was a gas station) on time but as we were getting ready, CJ decided it was time to poop. Argh! So we ended up being late. I got really frustrated and was actually already thinking of not going anymore but the hubby talked me out of backing out and we went ahead with it.

The studio was really nice and the set was just so pretty. The staff of Mayad Beginnings were also very accommodating despite us being late. I don’t know exactly how long the shoot went but it was pretty quick. The photos turned out nice despite the fact that the hubby and I got really stressed out. I kinda wish we could have gotten solo photos of CJ though…

The package included a USB of the photos, Christmas cards, tags and a framed photo.

These are some of the photos from our Christmas shoot.

I would love to do this again if there will ever be one this year. 🙂


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