Staycation at Sofitel

The first time I’ve been to Sofitel was to use the spa package we won at the FWD contest and the hubby and I loved the experience so when Yvonne suggested to have our family shoot in Sofitel I didn’t think twice about it and said yes.

Sofitel is a very nice hotel. The staff are accommodating and the amenities are really nice. The pool and the garden area are nice places to spend the afternoon with your family.Β The room rates are quite expensive though and you are not allowed to bring in food from outside which kinda sucks because their food is quite pricey too.

We didn’t get to frolic around the hotel much because we had a shoot and we didn’t have a lot of time the next morning anymore but we really enjoyed our stay here.

We were able to check-in early but that meant having to settle with the only available room which was located at the 2nd floor and only had a view of the Coconut Palace.

One problem we had is the parking space. After our shoot, we went to the mall for a bit to get some stuffs and when we came back, there was no available parking space because there were 2 weddings happening that evening. I think they should have designated parking spaces for their hotel guests. It took us a LONG time to park our car. 😦

The garden/bay area is really nice. CJ enjoyed walking around the next morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to swim because the water was too cold…

We got to try Spiral for breakfast and we had a really good experience. There was a variety of food and drinks to choose from. I think there were more choices than the breakfast buffet at Midas Hotel. The staff was very attentive to our needs and CJ got to try taho for the first time. πŸ˜€

Overall, we would like to come back and stay here again… but only at discounted rates. πŸ˜›


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