CJ’s Pre-Birthday Shoot

So CJ had a Harry Potter party for his first birthday which I plan to post about when I have the time. We used the same theme for his pre-birthday shoot which we did with PixieDreams Events.

I kinda wish we had more time to prepare and plan for this because we ended up just throwing things together at the last minute. We got PixieDreams to take the photos because they were our events coordinator for the party and it would make things easier to plan. I really wanted an outdoor shoot for this but CJ’s birthday is right around rainy season and the weather was quite unpredictable so we ended up shooting in a hotel room at Midas instead to be on the safe side.

I was a bit disappointed because we didn’t have a birth stat or a milestone board or something for the shoot. A couple of days before the shoot, Deej, who heads the PixieDreams Events team was asking me about some stuffs that you would normally put on a birth stat or a milestone board so I assumed she was preparing one. I should have confirmed instead of assuming…

CJ was still sleeping when the team of PixieDreams arrived so we started a bit late than planned and ended up without much light by the time we were ready for the smash cake. Deej brought a couple of props but we also brought the crochet dolls I posted about before. I brought a collection of CJ’s Harry Potter themed cloth diapers for him to wear as well.

Here are some of the photos…

PixieDreams brought the cake and the wand. The glasses was something I bought a few years ago but never got to use while the scarf was something I bought online for the shoot.

The wand chooses the wizard…

We got a few family photos that we were so not prepared for…

Smash cake time.

He decided to share his cake.

He actually loved eating the cake. It’s the first time he ate something so sweet and this has not happened again since. 😀

I’ll be more prepared if we ever decide to have another shoot for his birthday. 🙂


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