Family Shoot: The Suppliers

Carrying on our tradition of having a yearly shoot, we got to do a Family Shoot with CJ this January and we had a great experience. Out of all the shoots that we have had so far (and you know we had a LOT), I have to say that this is one of my favorite shoots. Not only did we have a great team of suppliers, we also got to do it with our beloved CJ. 🙂

So before posting our photos, I thought I’d give a bit of a feedback about our suppliers…

I’ll start this one with our Stylist, Yvonne Camay. If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, you might have read about her before. She styled our Maternity Shoot and we had such a great experience with her that she was the first one I contacted a couple of months ago to find out if she also does family shoots. I actually remember telling her that I’d look her up again for a family shoot when CJ comes out.

What I love about her is that she is so comfortable to talk to and she really coordinated the whole shoot with me, just like with my maternity shoot. It was so fuss-free. I simply told Yvonne that I wanted to do some outdoor shots and some indoor ones where we could take some breastfeeding photos so I prefer having a female photographer.

It was early December when Yvonne started to contact me about having already found a make up artist and that she is working on getting a very talented female photographer to do the shoot with us. On top of that, she also helped me find the perfect venue and helped me settle the permits. Talk about customer service to the nth level!

One of my favorite things about her being our stylist is that we don’t have to worry much about clothes because I am just not good with coordinating clothes, especially now that there are 3 of us. Most stylists I’ve encountered will simply give you moodboards or list of clothes to bring and most of the time it can feel like you are playing some sort of treasure hunt trying to look for things that you need. You could probably get them to bring the clothes for you but that usually entails extra payment. In comparison, Yvonne provides the clothes for the shoot and would just ask us to bring some items like shoes which we usually already have. For this shoot, we actually only bought Jay’s white sneakers (which is something he’d be able to use again and again) and that’s it. So like I said, it’s fuss-free. She also brought some props for the set including this customised portrait of our family by her hubby, Benjo.


Photographer (Shaira Luna)

When Yvonne told me that Shaira agreed to be our photographer I was surprised and got extra excited for the shoot. I’ve seen some of her work and they were just amazing. I couldn’t believe we’ll have the chance to work with her.

Although they didn’t exactly become bestfriends, CJ was really comfortable under her lens. Shaira is soft-spoken and was really pleasant throughout the shoot, always asking if we can do things and not commanding. It was so easy to work with her.

She was also the one who arranged the first set which is my favorite. It didn’t look like we are inside a hotel room cramped with lots of baggages. It actually gave a very soft, whimsical feel to it. She has a really good eye for details too.

During the shoot, she shows us the photos after taking a couple of shots to let us see how the shots turned out… And they turned out amazing. No photo was “un-postable”. She works really fast too… The next day, the photos were available in Dropbox and she has also sent us the CDs via JRS. 😀

Joy Antillon Dayag (Make Up Artist) and Dianne Zuleta (Hair Stylist)

I think Joy was CJ’s favorite supplier which is not surprising because she has a 4-year old son herself. She did my make up while Dianne worked on my hair. Both ladies have light hands and made sure that I was comfortable during the process.

Stress and lack of sleep has gotten to me the past few months and I got break outs the week of our shoot so I was really worried. Joy suggested to use airbrush instead of traditional make up which worked really well for me. I felt really pretty the day of our shoot and I wish I didn’t have to remove the make up at all. Hehe.

Diane did wonders to my hair. The first hairstyle she did is my favorite and the curly/wavy long hair for the next 2 sets came out really nice thanks to hair extensions. 😀 It felt like every strand of my hair was perfectly in place. I was surprised to find out that she’s already working as a hair stylist at such a young age.

Joy made CJ smile and laugh during our shoot which resulted in some really nice photos of him. I appreciate that she didn’t mind making silly or funny faces/movements to entertain him. We joked around that Yvonne or Shaira should always bring Joy whenever they have photoshoots that involve kids because she was really good with CJ. 😛


(L-R) Shaira Luna, CJ, Jay, Me, Yvonne Camay, Joy Dayag and Dianne Zuleta

Venue: Sofitel

We got a room at Sofitel and secured a permit for us to be able to get some outdoor shots. As mentioned, Yvonne helped me out with this because I had no idea what to do. The room we got is a Luxury Room and we were lucky enough to get a room early. The check-in time is at 2PM but Jay and I were able to check-in around 11:30AM. The only downside to that was there was only one room available at the time and it didn’t have a nice view.

Shaira worked her magic and turned our regular room into a nice set. The garden area is really nice too with hammocks and a nice view of Manila Bay. The afternoon light just before sunset was perfect for our last set.

The hotel is really nice though a bit expensive and unfortunately, you can’t bring in food from outside and the food at the hotel costs a LOT.

They also have limited parking space. After our shoot, we went out to get something at the mall and when we got back, it took us a LONG time to get a parking spot. There were 2 weddings that evening and the guests took the parking slots. 😦 I wish they prioritize hotel guests over wedding guests for parking since there should be a 1 parking slot/room rule.

I’ll make a separate post for photos from our shoot but here’s a bit of a teaser… 😀



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