Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure

So I finally renamed this blog. I was thinking of naming it “theducfam” but I made some mistakes while changing it and the site name ended up being unusable. This one was actually suggested by the hubby and it kinda had a nice ring to it so I used it. Despite the name change though, this will not be updated on a daily basis. 😀

The previous weekend reminded me of our little trip to Subic so I thought I’d start this with a simple #throwbackthursday post.

The week before the hubby proposed to me, we went to Pampanga with my friends to experience the Hot Air Balloon festival. This usually happens on Valentine weekends and the hubby said that he initially planned to proposed to me there but it didn’t exactly work out which is probably a good thing because there were too many people and I don’t exactly like drawing attention to myself. 😀  Before we went to the festival, we headed to Subic to visit Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. Here are some of the photos I took…

The safari train is really cute.


My favorite part was the Tiger Safari. The tigers were roaming free at the huge enclosure and we rode a jeep with railings on all sides inside. Then, the tour guides called the tigers over so we can get a close look at them and fed them some raw chickens.


There was also a show where some locals did some of their dance.

This one was pretty tricky to do… but we felt like kids trying it out.


The zoo is not complete without reptiles.

After Zoobic Safari, we went to Ocean Adventure where we got to watch a couple of shows. I kinda wish we got some really good seats for the Dolphin show… we were so far up and lots of people were blocking our view.

I am so looking forward to taking CJ here when he’s old enough to appreciate it. Maybe next year?


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