I’m Special

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that our baby CJ was born with left ear Microtia (underdeveloped ear) and Atresia (no ear canal). His right ear is working really well and he has been thriving like any baby. Most people don’t even notice his ear unless we point it out.

He had a hearing test a few weeks ago (I think it’s called BAER test) wherein they check if sound travels to his internal ear and apparently they do. The quality of sound and what his brain does with the sound is something that we can’t tell yet though. His pedia-ENT does not recommend for him to undergo a scan to see exactly how developed his internal left ear is since he’s still too young. And since he’s doing perfectly well, we don’t really see the need to have it this early. Her advise is to just monitor his speech to see if he would have some sort of delay.


I’m not really that worried about his hearing since he has been really responsive to his surroundings. But I do worry about him being bullied in the future. I’ve been bullied and teased all my life and it is one of the worst feelings in the world. That’s not something that I want him to experience. But I can’t protect him from the world all the time.

I dread the day that he would ask me why God made him different. To be honest, I don’t really know exactly how to answer that question yet (any advise? please post a comment). As I was checking some of the support groups for Microtia, I came upon this poem and loved it. I have to read this to CJ when he’s old enough to understand…

On my way from Heaven,
God delayed my trip that day.
He said that I was special,
and then sent me on my way.
But not before he kissed me,
Right upon my ear
He left his blessed mark
to carry with me here.
He whispered in my ear right then,
that He loved me without doubt,
and then He closed my ear up tight,
so the whisper won’t get out.
He told me both my legs were strong
and would help me stand up tall.
He told me both my arms would work
to catch me if I fall.
My eyes would catch my memories
to store within the pages of my mind,
My heart would fill with all the things I would love,
so many things, I would find.
He told me I could fall asleep
to my Daddy’s bedtime tales,
and listen while my Mother sings
of seas and boats with sails.
One ear, He told me, could hear the sounds
that little birdies make.
The other ear was His gift to me,
a blessing for my sake.
For when I’m feeling sad, He said,
my other ear would hear,
His whispered words of eternal love,
left waiting for me there.


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