The Sweetest Kiss

So, I joined this random contest I found online back in January. The contest is called “Knot Your Ordinary Love” and it was run by FWD Insurance. I don’t usually like joining contests online because they usually require getting people to “Like” your photo which I really hated but this one’s pretty simple. All you had to do was upload photos of you and your husband/boyfriend/fiance and the winners would be picked by FWD themselves based on certain criterias. No need to solicit for FB likes. Yay!

1st prize – Trip to Hong Kong
2nd prize – Trip to Palawan
3rd prize – Trip to Boracay

Special prizes for:
Coolest in Orange – 25000php worth of Lifestyle package
Sweetest Kiss – 10000php worth of Lifestyle package
Most Passionate Adventure – 10000php worth of Lifestyle package

I didn’t really think much about which photos of us to include. I just took note of the “adventure” and “kiss” criterias for the special packages and uploaded photos of us from our shoots out of town and those where we were kissing. I also added a photo of our new family. I actually forgot all about the contest since I didn’t think we would win when I got a call the day before Valentine’s Day that we won one of the special prizes. I was sooooooo happy! And I didn’t even know which special prize we won or what the lifestyle package was. I was just glad to be chosen to be a winner. That has never happened before.


Here’s a link to a video of the winning couples:

They official announced the winners on Valentine’s Day via their Facebook Page and we got the “Sweetest Kiss”. 😛

On Feb-20, we were invited to attend the awarding at FWD Connect which is their customer and lifestyle hub located at Bonifacio Global City. We got to meet the staff behind the contest and their president as well. We took some photos to formalize everything and had some snacks afterwards. I haven’t seen any of the photos online. I hope they post it so I could share it here too.

So, what did we win? A spa package at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel and 4000php worth of vouchers to dine at Felix Restaurant at Greenbelt. Yay!

This was such a blessing. I’ve been wanting to go to the spa since Jan-2014 but I just changed jobs at the time and my first pay won’t come in until Feb. But just before I could get my pay and plan our spa day, we found out that I was pregnant so spa was off the table for a while. Then we just didn’t have the budget for it with all the hospital expenses and baby stuffs we needed to buy. I have also been sorta complaining that we haven’t had a really nice lunch/dinner date in months. So when we got our prize I was just so amazed. It was exactly what we needed! God really knows how to provide. ^_^ Now, we just need to plan when to use these awesome prizes. 😉



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