Fluff Mail: Bebe Bottom

So, we received our first hybrid fitted (HF) cloth diaper. Yay! Hybrid Fitted is another type of cloth diaper system and I think I developed an addiction to them. They’re hand-made and has lots of super cute prints.

°°Charlie Brown in fusion soaker°°
°°Marvel iron man bum in cocktail soaker°°
US cotton woven
Polyfleece hidden
Wicking jersey blue and black velour
Hidden elastics
HDR (hidden down rise)
Photos from Bebe Bottom:


My feedback:
– hassle-free transaction
– great customer service. Since this is the first time I’m purchasing a HF diaper, there was a lot of things I wasn’t quite familiar with. It could get intimidating for newbies like me and it could seem very complicated. Mel was really patient with me and answered my queries. When I asked about prepping it, she even volunteered to prep it for me. 🙂
– the diaper features a hidden down rise (HDR) which kinda got me confused at first. The snaps are hidden inside the diaper. I think Bebe Bottom is the only brand that has this feature so far. They also have the side-snap style which I really want to try on my next Bebe Bottom purchase.
– the soakers and the boosters are not that soft and putting on the booster made it too bulky for CJ so we don’t use it for now. We’ll probably use it when he gets a bit bigger.
– I wish they have more available prints, specially for boys.


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