Pregnancy Timeline

Wow… Its been a year since we first found out we were pregnant. Time sure flies. I kept this timeline last year to just be sort of a reminder of what happened during my pregnancy. It started out as calendar-entry types and ended up as if I was talking to CJ himself. I don’t know if he’ll get to read this someday but I thought of posting it anyways. 🙂

2/8 – Positive pregnancy result. Panic mode!
2/9 – Okiniiri No with the rest of the Ducs to celebrate
2/13 – Lunch with Anna, Lea and Leah. First friends to be told.
2/15 – First Prenatal Checkup. First Ultrasound. We saw you. You were so small. About a size of a pea is what I read. We heard your heartbeat for the first time. 🙂 You’re at 7 weeks and 2 days according to the ultrasound. In the evening, I had a bit of spotting. Very faint.
2/16 – Came back to the hospital for Blood + Urine test. More spotting in the evening. Got concerned.
2/17 – Spotting again in the morning but none afterwards. Told my boss and officemates about you. OB advised to rest the next day and to get a checkup.
2/18 – VL. Got checked again. Have UTI but everything else seems normal. Ordered bedrest for two more days.
2/19 – 2/20 – SL. Bedrest.
2/22 – Craved for Potato Corner, Kamote Q and Siomai. That seemed to have given me indigestion. Starting to get morning sickness too. 😦
2/23 – Blake’s christening. Daddy told his friends about you too. Morning sickness attack from afternoon to evening. I threw up almost everything I ate.
2/24 – Passed MAT-1 form to HR. I saw a photo of a 7-week old fetus. Well, you’re 8 weeks now but it shouldn’t be too different. You look like an alien. Hihi. ^_^ I can’t believe this little thing would develop and grow into an adult years from now.
2/26 – Worked from home today so I can get another urinalysis and checkup. Antibiotics seem to have worked but doctor addded 3 more days worth. Pap smear results are out. I got inflammation. 😦 Doctor gave me some Vitamin B complex to help with the vomitting. I’ve been throwing up almost everything I eat. I hope it gets better soon. I don’t know what it’s called but the doctor did this thing with a device where she found your heartbeat (kinda like an ultrasound but no visuals). She had a hard time looking for you but eventually found your heartbeat. We heard you again. 🙂 Such a fast heartbeat. I hope to meet you soon na… But we still have about 7 more months to go together. See you soon, baby! I love you!
2/27 – Headache
3/7 – Its been a busy week at work. Nothing major has happened with you but mommy got the sniffles and has been feeling sick. I hope it doesn’t develop into a fever. Its already been a couple of days. And today, I threw up again. 😦 It’s also the first time I’m wearing maternity jeans. So comfy. But i think it still constricts my tummy a bit which is probably why I threw up.
3/8 – Craving for Goldilocks Chocolate Cake
3/9 – Daddy bought me the cake but I only got to eat a slice. I think it made my tummy more queasy. Haven’t been feeling well the past few days and I still have the sniffles. 😦 Grandma also cooked spaghetti which was really yummy but it also made me feel sick. 😦 Queasy tummy, please go away!
3/10 – I got a plastic full of chocolate almonds from a friend. But I can’t eat it. 😦 Mommy wants some sashimi too. But I can’t eat it. 😦 Craving for some Chicago Popcorn. I think I can eat that one. I hope daddy gets me some. 🙂
3/13 – You got your first gift from Lucy Johnson. 😀 A stuffed toy of a lamb from New Zealand. Yay! So cute!
3/21 – You’re twelve weeks yesterday. Yay! Mommy’s been having headaches today and my tummy has been feeling queasy again. 😦 We’ll have a checkup tomorrow and I’m excited to know more about you at this stage. They say you’re about the size of a lime now. I wonder when we’ll get to see or hear you again.
3/22 – We heard you again using that stethoscope thingy from the doctor. You seem to like to play hide-and-seek coz she had a hard time looking for you again. 🙂
3/23 – mommy’s been having queasy tummy again. I threw up almost everything I ate today…
3/24 – mommy hasn’t been feeling any better. i bought some food this morning but i’m afraid i’ll throw them up. i wonder if this has been because i’ve been having pancakes in the morning.hmmmm. let’s hope i’ll feel better enough to eat a lot coz i haven’t gain any weight at all… 😦 daddy will be busy with training starting today so he won’t be picking mommy up after work. 😦 i feel lonely going home by myself.
3/25 – mommy had trouble going home last night. i was grumpy and i took it out on your daddy. i know… i’m a meanie… don’t be like me, ok? i’ll say sorry later so don’t worry about a thing. 🙂
3/28 – i told daddy that if you are a girl, your name should have Primrose on it. but i didn’t know what would be the boy version. daddy says that if you are a boy, your name should have Prime in it… hmmmm… Sudden headache attack + heartburn and acid reflux. Boo!
3/31 – last weekend was quite bad. so much reflux and heartburn. but daddy and i finally got to shop for maternity dresses. hehe. i pray for you everyday. i want you to be healthy and happy always. we love you lots! just a couple more days and we’ll officially be in the second trimester i think… woot!
4/1 – posted the pregnancy test result on FB to announce you coming soon… 😛 we got lots of congratulations from friends and it was really nice to see their comments. 🙂 *happy* lots of people are excited for you, baby! we’ll all see you soon.
4/4 – we’re officially on our 2nd trimester! woot! you’re getting big na. i hope time goes by faster coz i’m excited to meet you in person, little one. mommy has a headache though. ouchie. 😦
4/11 – hi, lil bubba. not much update lately. i wish i could see and watch you grow. when are you gonna start kicking? sigh… we love you lots!
4/12 – went to the doctor. i only gained one pound, baby. i’m worried you’re not getting enough nutrients because of mommy. sorry. i really dont like veggies though. 😦 i hope you’re ok. the doctor didn’t take long to find you this time. we heard your heartbeat again. 🙂 i hope i can hear you everyday. they say you’ll start kicking soon. actually, you’re already doing it but just not to the point that i could feel it yet. sometimes, i feel some flicking in my tummy. i wonder if it’s you or if mommy’s just hungry. 🙂 mommy’s got lowblood too. but doc says it’s nothing to worry much about. 🙂
4/21 – it was holy week last week. daddy and i just stayed at home and had lots of rest. your dad’s bestfriend’s dad passed away a couple of days ago. he was our ninong for our wedding. hes been really sick for a while. anyways, we went to their house yesterday for his 9th day of death. it was the first time i heard of that. all i know is 40 days… anyhoo… the ladies there mentioned (including ninang) that from looking at my face, they predict that you’ll be a girl. i wonder how true that is… 🙂 daddy’s not sure if he wants to know your sex right away. but i do… and i’m excited about it. we only have a couple more weeks before we could find out about it.
4/23 – sweetie, i think i felt you kick last night but i’m not sure… argh… i wish i know for sure. >.<
4/28 – it was such a hot weekend. headache all day yesterday. i still feel some bumping in my tummy every now and then but i dodnt know if it’s just my hyperactive imagination or if that’s you kicking. got a bit of a sore throat this morning after vomitting last night. 😦 i need to go shopping for more maternity clothes. 🙂
5/2 – i definitely believe that it’s you that i’ve been feeling in my tummy. i think you’ve been moving more the past three days. i really wanna see you soon!
5/3 – spotting in the evening. got worried.
5/4 – spotting again in the afternoon. 😦 why?
5/5 – haven’t felt you move much today. i’m getting really worried. we’ll go to the doctor tomorrow. it’s daddy’s birthday tomorrow so i’m on leave. i’m praying for good results.
5/6 – it’s daddy’s birthday today! after lunch we went to the doctor. sigh… we waited for a bit with just us standing there because there were no more chairs available. no one even bothered to give me a seat. 😦 my back was starting to ache… sigh… what’s wrong with people nowadays? when i was a kid, my mom taught me to give up my seat to the elderly and pregnant women. i hope i get to teach you good manners when you grow up as well. 🙂 anyways, on with the checkup… i told the doctor about the spotting, she said it was probably because of all the walking i did last saturday when we went to a bridal fair. so i can’t walk too much for now… and i don’t have the go-signal yet to go ahead with our Cebu trip next month for my birthday. boo! the doctor said that when you’re not moving much, you’re probably just sleeping so i shouldn’t worry too much. we got to hear your heartbeat. the doctor found it fast and it was louder than ever this time. 🙂 we’re scheduled for a congenital scanning next saturday. we’ll be seeing you soon, little bub. mwah! happy 19 weeks!
5/9 – daddy felt you move last night! you were very active last night too. I liked feeling you move. It startles me sometimes but it’s reassuring. 🙂
5/12 – yesterday was mother’s day and we celebrated it with our families. some people were sweet and greeted me “Happy Mother’s Day” even though you’re still inside. 🙂 i didn’t officially celebrate it for myself since i don’t feel like i’ve done enough to be a certified mom just yet. maybe next year? hmmm… this weekend, daddy and i got to thinking about possible names for you. these names have come up: optimus prime, dancing butterfly, walking cayote, crystal, andrea, orion pax, stormfly, crookshanks, hookfang, hiccup, toothless and meatlog. please don’t hate us… 😛
i tried taking milk again last night but my tummy got upset and i ended up having diarrhea. 😦
5/14 – heartburn and reflux attack last night and this afternoon. you haven’t been active today.
5/17 – we had our second ultrasound and found that you’re a boy. but the doctor found other things and the result says that you have signs of trisomy. this has been the most devastating day of my life. we don’t know for sure yet until you come out but thinking about it breaks my heart.
5/20 – we saw the doctor to give her the ultrasound results. no matter what happens, you’re still our baby and we love you so much. i’m sorry if you may have felt neglected the past few days. mommy was just really sad and depressed. but i feel better now. i love you no matter what.
5/27 – my pee has been really dark in the mornings. like iced tea kind of dark. i’m afraid i might have UTI again. today i got a cranberry and apple fruit tea from a teammate. i also asked daddy for some cranberry juice to help clear my urinaty tract. hopefully that would be enough. or maybe i’m just too dehydrated nowadays because of the heat… hmmm. i don’t really know.
6/5 – daddy and i have been thinking of names again last night… optimus primus? jolly roger? and other stuffs. i’ll spare you the stupidity of it all… it’s so hard to think of a name… sigh…
6/7 – checkup time. everything went well. we heard your heartbeat again and i was given permission to go to Cebu for our babymoon. Yay!
6/20 – Thunder died today. I was devastated. I was hoping you’d get to meet him. He was my first furbaby and died at 15 years old. 😥 On the other hand, we arrived at Cebu safely. Mommy was almost held off because we didn’t get a medical certificate. Good thing we were able to contact the doctor while at the chek-in counter and she was able to advise the teller that I was fit to travel. daddy and i decided on a name. Corzen. It’s a combination of your grandmothers’ names on both side. I hope you like it. 🙂 Now, what to do with a second name?
6/23 – Got tired but back home at Las Pinas. On our way back, we advised the teller that I was only 23 weeks preggy so they won’t ask for medical certificate anymore. 😛 I also forgot to take the medicine that the doctor told me to take before flying but everything went well. i noticed you get restless when we’re flying though.
6/24 – it’s my birthday! got to eat a LOT for dinner.
6/25 – back at work… stressful as always. you’ve been so likot while i’m typing. 🙂
7/2 – your movements are becoming more apparent on my tummy. daddy and i were watching you move. he says its kinda creepy. hehe.
7/3 – we still can’t think of a second name. what should it be, corzen? i want to just use daddy’s name: corzen jay. but daddy wants to use my name: corzen chris. hmmmm…
7/4 – i can’t see my feet when i’m standing up anymore. my tummy’s blocking my view. and i looked at the back of my knees and realized in horror that i now have varicose veins. nooooooooooo!!!!!
7/5 – checkup day. got to hear your heartbeat again. 🙂 everything seemed normal and it was a quick checkup.
7/13 – we attended a birthing class. i hope i get to do well during the actual birth. there’s so much to learn and keep in mind. 2nd class is next week.
7/17 – went to a gown fitting for mama’s birthday. i think i was standing too long and i ended up having a major dizzy spell. i felt better as soon as i got to sit down and drink water though.
7/20 – another birthing class. sometime last week i think we finally decided on your second name. 🙂
7/21 – had a 4D ultrasound and we got to see your face… somewhat. you kept blocking your face with your feet. it was so hard to see you. the doctor was asking you to let us see your face but you won’t listen. 🙂 we’ll be going back for a rescan and hopefully next time you won’t be blocking our view anymore.
7/27 – birthing class again. got to learn about breathing… ha-ha-hoo! mitz’s battery died and we had to borrow winter from uncle carlo.
7/28 – first major car trouble for me and daddy ever. we used mitz and the battery died while we were at coastal. we didn’t even make it to the toll gate and it was already past 10PM. with no dinner and no bathroom nearby! urgh! had to wait a bit to get mitz towed. it was the first time i got to ride a towed car, a tow truck and a patrol car… everything in one night. Whew! daddy and i ordered pizza when we got back home. we were so tired…
7/29 – today is a holiday so we scheduled our 4D ultrasound rescan. You got a lot of audience including both your grandmas. You had your feet up to your face again so I was feeling a little disappointed thinking that we’d need to go back but the doctor started tapping at my tummy to make you move around so we got to see you. 🙂 You got some major dimples, Corzen. I love you so much! And I can’t wait to be able to touch you soon.
8/2 – found out today that perpetual doesn’t allow the hubby to be with the wifey during delivery. boo! looks like we need to change hospitals and OB. 😦
8/9 – visited makati med. bought you some clothes. 🙂 got your first ever video.
8/10 – visited asian hospital. lolo’s bday celebration at samboukojin.
8/11 – daddy and i watched your ultrasound videos tonight. you are so cute. i still can’t get over those dimples. we love you so much!
8/16 – met with dra. aherrera after deciding on makati med. she seems hesitant to take us in because it’s already pretty late in the pregnancy. 😦 i think we need to find another doctor.
8/22 – met with dra. henson for the first time. she seems really good but very expensive. sigh… she asked me to get an ultrasound to confirm the findings from the anomaly scan we had back in May and to get some laboratory works done.
8/23 – ultrasound done. doctor said his only concern is that you are estimated to be at 8 pounds! how am i going to get you out if you’re that big, corzen?
8/30 – consultation with dra. henson. she told me to drink lots of water cause they found bacteria in my urine. stop the iberet cause i have too much iron and start on vitamin D. she’s concerned about your weight. apparently, you seem too big but it’s just an estimate. she asked to have another ultrasound so we could get a second opinion. on the other hand, i got blood extracted again because it looks like i got hypothyroidism. 😦 doctor also told me to go on a diet. how do i do that??? you’re always hungry! after makati med, we had our maternity photoshoot. 🙂 it was tiring but fun and i’m excited to see the photos. our stylist also gave us some gifts like balloons and a pair of shoes for you. 🙂
8/31 – peanut is not looking good. daddy says she has heartworm. we’re praying for her to recover soon. it’s also the last day of our birthing class.
9/2 – blood results came out and it looks like i don’t have hypothyroidism. everything came out normal. 🙂 yay! CJ, you were so kulit last night ha… it was hard to sleep. 🙂 few more weeks, baby.
9/5 – went for another ultrasound but daddy wasn’t there. doctor said he can’t confirm the ultrasound findings from May anymore since you’re already too big but the estimated weight he advised is only around 6+pounds so that’s a good thing. Daddy didn’t make it to the consultation with the doctor as well. the doctor said that i have some bacteria that means i will have to be given antibiotics during labor so you don’t get infected as you pass through my birth canal. i also told her that i’ll try not having epidural first. i hope i can go through this with no anesthesia at all. but i’m really scared. my pain tolerance is just too low…
9/14 – went to see the doctor. i didnt gain weight anymore which she says is good and she told me no rice at night altogether. boo! we’re going to starve, corzen. 😦 finally saw some of the photos from our maternity shoot. they’re really nice! doctor also said that i’m 1cm dilated… hmm… we’re nearing the time when we finally meet you, corzen. daddy and i shopped for some baby stuffs in the morning and then we met two of my classmates from highschool. we spent the afternoon at home just chatting. it was really nice. 🙂 even though its been raining really hard.
9/20 – IE showed that I’m 1-2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and you are at station -2. doc said that we can wait til around oct 13 for you to arrive at the latest. had lots of spotting afterwards but was told that it was going to happen due to the IE anyways. mommy and daddy went to a supplier to get you a crib and a stroller as well. so expensive! we’re getting broke by the minute…. 😦
9/22 – countdown begins. 10 days to go before your due date! are you going to arrive earlier or later or just in time? hmmm..
9/24 – met your pedia, doc caedo. she seems nice but expensive. 😛 we’ll see in the future if we’ll stick with her or if we need to find a new one for you in the future. 🙂 corzen, when are you coming out? you’re due in exactly a week. can you give me a warning a day or 2 before it happens so that mommy won’t be too surprised? i’m worried that my water would break while i’m at work. 🙂 mommy and daddy are soooooooo excited to see you soon, sweetie!
9/26 – received a gift from my teammates. a chicco bottle and a baby carrier. we really needed a baby carrier but just couldn’t afford it at the moment so i’m so happy for the gift. 🙂
9/27 – doctor checkup. was told that we are at 2cm and 50-60% effaced. i guess there’s not much progress. i wonder when you’ll come out, little one…. daddy and i picked up the baby stuffs we ordered. boy, were they expensive but it’s all worth it since they’ll all be for you. i can’t wait to see you on that crib and stroller. 🙂
9/28 – fiesta at pasay today. it’s the first time we’re actually celebrating fiesta ever. saw lots of relatives which was fun.
10/1 – finally got to meet you!

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