Mommy and Baby Shopping Online

We still had a lot of stuffs that we needed to buy when CJ was born and since I’ve mostly been confined at home I did most of my shopping online. It’s convenient because I don’t have to leave the house and there are no salesladies pestering me to take a look at their products. Also, the items are usually cheaper as compared to purchasing them in shops since there’s less overhead cost. On the other hand, you don’t really know what you’re going to get until it has already been delivered to you. There’s no chance to scrutinize the products and make sure that what you’re getting is not defective. There’s also the risk of being victimized by a bogus seller.

Anyways, these are the online shops that I have tried so far…
I encountered them on Facebook as one of those suggested pages to like after looking up other online stores. They were one of the first shops I chanced upon and what really got me interested are their cloth diapers. I decided to try using cloth diapers for CJ because it’s cheaper (in the long run) and environment-friendly as compared to disposable ones. We’ve only been able to use cloth diapers occassionally though coz when CJ was born we only had 5 cloth diapers and all of them can easily be used in a day so we still have been using disposable diapers for most of the time which is why I have been on the lookout for more cloth diapers so we can build our stash. has a promo of 6pcs of ALVA cloth diapers for only 1500php which I thought was a pretty good deal at the time so we ordered from them.

My purchases: Cloth Diapers

My feedback:
– the cloth diapers were cheaper than other brands (although I found an online shop that sells cloth diapers for a lower price).
– items will be shipped within 2 business days (sent our payment on a Friday and received it on a Tuesday during Typhoon Ruby)
– when purchasing the cloth diapers, you can only specify the sex of your baby but you don’t have the option to choose which designs you want. I put the links (from their FB page) of the designs that I wanted in the remarks/additional notes box but I didn’t get any advise from them if the designs were available or which designs they would be shipping to us. These are the ones we got.
– the insert included in one of the cloth diaper looked really dirty and doesn’t look new (the fabric isn’t so soft either). I know we’re supposed to wash them before using anyways but it’s kinda disappointing to see it like that as a buyer specially since it was the first one I opened. The other inserts were perfectly fine though, clean and soft.
– after sending the deposit slip of our payment via email I didn’t get a response the whole afternoon. I had to send them a message in FB before I got an advise about the shipping.
– not a lot of nice designs to choose from.
– I sent a Private Message to them via FB again to advise them of my feedback about the not-so-nice insert that we got but did not receive any reply or acknowledgement.

J4&A Baby Shop II
They were also a suggested page in Facebook. They have really nice and affordable baby products from Fisher Price, Carter’s and Zara. Cheaper than the other shops I found online. Below is a photo of the items we got from them (minus the remote control :P).

My Purchases: Carter’s hooded baby blankets, Carter’s bibs, Zara Santa costume, Fisher-Price infant-to-toddler rocker.

IMAG3545 IMAG3553

My feedback:
– I love the Carter’s hooded baby blankets. They’re so soft. We’ll be giving one as a Christmas present to our nephew.
– The Santa costume from Zara is too big for CJ. The description said it’s good for 0-6 months but it looks more like something that would fit only a 5-6 month old baby, not younger babies.
– The bibs are cheaper here compared with other shops.
– There was actually another online shop that had very similar products as them and pretty much the same price range (if not cheaper). The reason we picked them was because before I ordered, I asked if the plastic-base rocker that we really wanted was available (the other shop didn’t have it) and they said yes. I ordered and paid. After paying though we were advised that the rocker was not available in that design anymore. I was so disappointed. They did give me an option if we want to refund or just choose a different design. I chose a different design but it ended up being more expensive than the original design we chose.
– Fast transaction and shipping. The seller was very easy to talk to and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.
– CJ LOVES his Fisher Price rocker. 😀

I read about Babymama from N@W (Newlyweds@Work) group. They specialize in breastfeeding products such as pumps, nursing covers, milk storage bags, etc. I really want CJ to have breastmilk only as much as possible so I decided to get a breastpump which I could use when I’m at work. I read really good reviews from the brand Spectra which is WAY cheaper than Medela and Babymama has Spectra pumps available so I stalked their shop for a while to look for the right pump. I finally decided on the M1 model and headed to their online shop to order.

My purchases: Spectra M1 pump, Lansinoh milk storage bag, Babi nursing pillow, Cooler pouch, Silver ice packs, Mamaway baby sling, water proof markers, lactation brownies from Mommy Treats, hands-free bra, Spectra milk storage bags

My feedback:
– Pump was cheaper because we got it on pre-order price which was at 10% off.
– Good customer service. The pre-ordered pumps were supposed to arrive on Nov-30 but we got a message that there will be a delay. They didn’t have an exact date when it will be available but they did say it’ll be mid-December which got me concerned because I really needed to start building my stash for CJ. The choices were either to wait for it to arrive or we can get the pump from a Rustan’s store but at its original price. I don’t know if they supply the product to Rustan’s themselves but apparently they can have everything arranged so we asked if there was a stock available in Rustan’s Makati so the hubby can swing by the store on his way home. On Nov-28 (Friday), they said they didn’t have it but there are two available in Rustan’s ATC (Town Center) and they can have it forwarded to the Makati branch if we like and it would be available to us on Monday. I told them not to have it forwarded anymore since the hubby can get it over the weekend which I thought would be faster but they already requested to have it forwarded to Rustan’s Makati without our go-signal which kinda made things confusing. I got a call from them and they confirmed that the stock would be reserved to us and it would be available on Monday at Rustan’s Makati. I actually told them that the hubby might not be able to drop by until Tuesday which they said was fine. It happened that the hubby had some time to drop by Rustan’s Makati to get the pump and when he got there, he was told that the pump has already been sold and that there was no reservation for us. That got me upset and I contacted babymama about it. They investigated what happened since they already advised Rustan’s about our reservation. They were quick to act on my complaint. Good news was that the pre-ordered pumps arrived the next day so we just had to send our payment back to them and the pump was shipped the next day for free.
– If you have questions or need recommendations for a product, you can send them your query and they would email back.
– Lots of breastfeeding products to choose from.
– Easy and fast transactions. I’ve ordered three times from them so far and will probably order more in the future.

Mommy Treats
I learned about Mommy Treats from Babymama. I tried their 3-day supply of lactation brownies and I liked it so I checked out their website and found other products available.

My purchases: Brownies, Choco Chip overload cookies and chocolate cupcake bites

My feedback:
– fast and easy transaction
– products are shipped the next day
– products are freshly baked
– yummy! The brownies are my favorite!
– they have helped increase my milk supply which is the most important.


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