Sonya’s Garden: Revisited

So, this post has been in my drafts since January 2014. I was supposed to post this after my Memory Lane post but never had the chance to organize the photos for this because I got busy this year. #latepost #throwbackthursday

I have no idea how many times the hubby and I have been to Sonya’s Garden ever since our first visit here back in 2009 with my friends. Every time we’re in Tagaytay, we make sure to drop by here whether it’s for lunch or to atleast buy bread or poppies.

I posted about our first stay here when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary so I won’t be going into too much details anymore. I just wanted to post photos of the room where we stayed this time around. We didn’t have reservations so I was afraid that they will be fully booked. When we asked for a room, we were told that they still have spare rooms but it’s located on the other side of the road. I guess Sonya’s Garden has been such a big hit that they decided to extend it a little. They showed us where the rooms were which was a bit of a walk from the main Sonya’s Garden.

It’s definitely a separate location from the main one with only three rooms already available for use and a green house. Two other rooms were still being constructed at the time. When we checked in, the construction workers left so as not to disturb us but I guess they still finished some things up ‘coz I heard a little bit of hammering while I was reading a book. We were the only guests around so we got to choose from the three rooms and we decided to get the Primrose.

Veggie garden just beside our room.


The bedroom is separated from the living room and it has a sink area. We chose Primrose because it was very breezy as compared to the other two.

IMAG2437 IMAG2438 IMAG2439

Bedroom and Bathroom IMAG2443 IMAG2445IMAG2447 IMAG2449

Our feedback:
– Dinner and breakfast are served in the main Sonya’s Garden which means you’ll have to have a bit of a walk to be able to eat. It’s not so bad if you need exercise like we do… Another option is driving there which seems to be such a waste…
– When we got back after breakfast to our room the next day, the construction workers were back with their radio blaring so the tranquil environment that we were supposed to have for a few more hours were gone.
– Too detached from everyone. Though this also means that you have major privacy if that’s what you’re looking for to have.
– There was a leak in the toilet so the rug was soaking wet.

Another new thing is that they changed the dining arrangements of the guests from sit-down to a buffet for both dinner and breakfast. I guess it makes sense since there will be less waste of food. The only problem here is that the bread may not always be warm anymore. Other than that, the food is still as I remember it.

Before we left, we were also given mint and tarragon plants to take home as souvenirs.

I’m looking forward to our next Sonya’s Garden visit. 🙂 I need to replenish my stash of poppies.


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