Random Kwento 23

I was almost 8 months pregnant when Mitch (MIL’s old Adventure) halted in the middle of Coastal Road (just before the toll gates) on our way home. This was the first car trouble we’ve had so I was pretty amused with the experience but it was also scary. Thankfully, the hubby managed to get Mitch at the side of the road before he totally stopped. He told me to stay inside but the passing trucks and buses made me nervous. I can feel their speed as they pass us.

The guys patroling along Coastal Road helped us and pushed Mitch to try to get him to start but it didn’t work. They eventually left to advise the towing service nearby. A couple of minutes later, the tow truck came and pulled Mitch to their service area. They charged us 1300php for that which I thought was too much since we were already near their place. If I wasn’t pregnant, Jay and I could’ve pushed Mitch there. -_-

We asked if they can tow Mitch all the way to Times at Las Pinas and they said they can but they would charge us 1800php on top of the 1300php which was definitely not in our budget so we decided to leave Mitch there which means getting charged another 200php. We asked if they could take us somewhere we could catch a bus. We rode the tow truck but on our way to Alabang-Zapote Road, the driver spotted another vehicle in trouble. He stopped and went down to see what was happening. It was taking him such a long time and I was getting really tired from the experience and needed to pee (effects of being on my third trimester). It was a good thing that there was a patrol car that was already there as they were able to give us a ride to Zapote. Sigh…. what a night that was. First time to have car trouble, get towed while inside the vehicle, ride a tow truck and a patrol car.

IMAG3022 IMAG3024


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