Newborn Shoot with Little Ones Portraits

I love looking at newborn photos that even though I wasn’t even pregnant before I was already following a couple of Newborn Photographers in Facebook so when I got pregnant I showed the photos to the hubby and convinced him that our son should definitely have one too. Unfortunately, due to my laziness I wasn’t able to book the shoot in advance. I was told that the best time to have this is during the first 15 days of the baby which is when they sleep a lot. Since we stayed at the hospital for a week, we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this anymore. I inquired about a newborn shoot from studios that I was already familiar with but it was too short notice for them. Thankfully, I came across Little Ones Portraits as Ms. Abel was available the weekend after we got out of the hospital. CJ had his first photoshoot at 12 days old. We arrived at Ms. Abel’s workplace at around 10AM which is a house that has been converted into a trophy showroom (one of their businesses) and a studio. The studio was really nice and spacious with plenty of natural light which is what Ms. Abel usually works with. When we got to the studio, Ms. Abel briefed us on what was going to happen and what we should expect. Basically, she had everything prepared from the props to some snacks for us. The sofa was even spacious enough for a parent to sleep in and rest. It was only during the shoot that I appreciated how hard being a newborn photographer is. You need a LOT of patience and you most definitely need to know how to handle a baby. Ms. Abel was very careful in handling CJ making sure that he is secure and that there would be atleast one parent to assist her when needed. She was very patient in putting CJ to sleep and even has a heater and white noise ready which really helped.

Below are the packages they have available. We chose the ‘All of Us’ package. Little Ones Newborn Collections Ms. Abel in action. IMAG3255 One disappointment I had though was that I only had two mother-and-son photos to choose from whereas there were a number of father-and-son photos that I liked. I really wanted to have nice photos with CJ because before this we only had one photo together which was right after I gave birth to him. I guess it was because we only had one pose together so there was not a lot to choose from and it was so hard for me to keep that pose because I was sweating so much since CJ was so heavy and I had to keep him up for a long time. Plus, I was wearing longsleeves and the aircon was off to keep CJ warm. I wish CJ and I had more shots. I also noticed that some of the poses were a bit generic. But despite all that, CJ’s photos came out great.

Unfortunately, we can only choose 20 photos (Boo!). And there were so many I really liked. Here’s one that was posted in their FB page that we didn’t get to include in our top 20. I think I might order more of his photos when we have extra money. 🙂

The prints were of good quality and were packaged quite nicely. What I really love about Ms. Abel is that she wants to make sure that you are a happy and satisfied customer. During our shoot, she asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do for the shoot that she wasn’t able to cover (I wish I could have said more photos of me and CJ but I was already too tired at the time that it didn’t occur to me). In addition, the photo we selected to be framed came out a bit blurry. I didn’t comment to her about it anymore since it was probably our fault for choosing a not-so-clear photo. A day or two after we received the package, I got an email from her advising that as much as she loves the family photo that I chose to be framed, she was not that happy with how it came out herself so she decided to print CJ’s best photo as well and sent it to us separately via courier. 🙂

I’ll post the photos we chose some other time. I still need to copy it form the CD. 😛 CJ-LOP


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