Our Birthing Story

We’re celebrating CJ’s 2nd month birthday! How time flies… What better way to celebrate it in my blog than to post about our birthing experience?

Aside from attending childbirth classes, one of the things that really helped me in preparing for our baby’s birth is reading birthing stories online so I thought I’d post our experience as well.

My due date was October 2. Of course I knew that it wasn’t set in stone. I could give birth earlier or later than that. During my last checkup (Sept-27), I was about 2cm dilated, 60% effaced and the baby was at -2 station if I remember correctly. I wasn’t feeling anything different at the time. No contractions. No pain. Our OB advised to just keep active and there shouldn’t be any problems. If the baby doesn’t arrive by Oct-2, she gave me I think until Oct-13 and if the baby still doesn’t come I will be induced.

I just continued with my life after that and kept on working. I filed for a maternity leave to start on my due date (Oct-2). I filed this on Sept-30 thinking that I could still spend one more day at work to tie up some loose ends before my leave. BUT the baby had other plans…

Around 3:45 AM of Oct-1, I woke up with a start because of a big, sudden urge to pee. I was quite used to peeing in the middle of the night (and I’m sure that goes to all preggy women out there) but I felt that this was different. I couldn’t hold it in and I felt a trickle so I hurriedly got up and went to the bathroom. My underwear was a bit wet and I could see a bit of mucus and when I wiped there was some bloody show. I knew then that this was day I was going to meet our son.

I woke the hubby up and told him about what just happened. I saw a sliver of panic in his eyes and he started packing the rest of our stuffs. He asked me if I wanted to take a bath before leaving and I said yes since I didn’t know when I will be able to take a bath again after this ordeal. I wasn’t feeling anything at the time though aside from nervousness, excitement and some fear. There was still no contractions from what I can tell and the water didn’t continuously leak so I was quite calm for someone who could be giving birth anytime that day.

While we were heating water for our bath, the hubby and I just laid down on the bed and talked about what we were thinking and feeling at the time. After my bath, we just prepared some things and informed my in-laws. We had to borrow my MIL’s car since Mocha (our ride) was coding at the time. We left the house around 6AM.

I didn’t want to make a mess incase my water bag completely breaks and I wanted to make sure that we could tell the color of the water so I got a white towel to sit on. We were already at Coastal Road when I felt a big gush of water. There was still no contractions though. When we arrived at Makati Med, we made the mistake of not going straight to the Emergency area so when we got to the entrance, there wasn’t anyone to assist us right away. The hubby just got me a wheelchair but there wasn’t anyone to wheel me to the delivery room because we can’t just leave the car in front of the entrance. It was a good thing that I wasn’t in pain. I just told him to leave me by the entrance so he could park the car.

We arrived at the delivery ward (5th floor) around 7:30AM. We have advised a family friend who works there as a nurse that we will be arriving and she was gracious enough to wait for us even though her shift was already finished. They gave the hubby papers to fill-up while someone wheeled me in to the examination room. When they found out who my OB is someone instructed her to take me to Birthing Room 1 instead.

When I got up from the wheelchair to transfer to the bed, I noticed the towel I was sitting on had greenish substance and assumed that it was meconium (baby’s poop). I was hooked up to a fetal monitor (which I absolutely hate coz it was so uncomfortable) and an IV drip for antibiotics as instructed by my OB. A lot of things were happening at the same time and people kept asking me the same questions over and over. It was a good thing I wasn’t in pain, otherwise, I might have snapped at someone especially since I thought that some of the questions were stupid. Example: I was asked if I felt any pain, I said no. Follow up question was how I manage to cope with the pain. How could I when I just said that I didn’t feel any pain.

The resident doctor came and did an IE. She advised that I was 4cm dilated. I really didn’t want to be induced as much as possible since I read that getting induced actually increases the chance of a C-section but since I still wasn’t feeling any contractions that was what happened.

It took a while for my hubby to join me in the room (probably more than 30 minutes). My OB arrived later on to check on my status. There wasn’t really much change at the time yet and before she left she asked if I wanted to eat and I said yes. She allowed me a light meal and to walk around a bit so the hubby got us some breakfast and the fetal monitor was removed for a little while. When I got up to eat I noticed that the underpad still had those green stains so I asked the nurse if it was indeed meconium and if everything’s ok. She went out to ask about it and came back to confirm that it was indeed meconium and that it was still ok since the baby’s heartbeat is still good.

Inside the Birthing Room and waiting for the inevitable.

The fetal monitor. I hated it with a passion.

First time to get hooked to an IV.

The Birthing Room was very spacious. The restroom has a shower with cold and warm water. Here’s the hubby resting for a bit.


After eating breakfast, I was hooked back up to the fetal monitor. My parents arrived and since we got the Birthing Room we were allowed another person to stay in the room with us. My parents took turns on going inside to check on me.

Nurses and resident doctors kept checking on me every couple of minutes and kept asking if I was feeling any pain and I said no. I think it was around 11AM when my OB went back to check and advised that I was already at 6cm. I was already feeling some contractions by this time but the pain was still manageable. She asked me if I wanted an epidural and I said no. Almost everyone who came by to check on me offered me epidural for the pain like it was just some candy. It reminded me of the video we watched called the Business of Being Born. I kept on declining in the hopes of getting through it without any anesthesia. My OB was amazed that I could still smile at 6cm. Usually, it would be around this time when mom-to-be’s put on their serious face. The pain was getting intense though and I felt my body getting tired after every contraction. My OB recommended to have the epidural so I could relax and conserve my strength when it’s already time to push. After contemplating about it for a while I relented and said yes to the epidural.

Starting to feel labor pains.

The epidural definitely worked wonders. I felt my lower body completely relax and I did not feel any pain at all although the fetal monitor shows that I was having some major contractions. What I really liked about it is that I no longer feel any pain when they do IEs coz I really hated that part. When Doc Henson checked me again after the epidural I was at 7cm and the baby was at -1 station. Still too high. She said that usually the baby would be out in 3 hours after the epidural is given. She advised me to take a nap and relax. I tried. But it was kinda hard to do that when people kept going in and out of the room every 5 minutes to get something from what I could only assume a utility room without even bothering to open or close the door carefully. I thought that if we got the birthing room I would get more privacy and feel relaxed but that was not the case.

At around 12:30, Doc Henson did another IE and there was no change. She actually mentioned that it feels like I was more at 6cm than 7cm. The baby is still too high at -1 station. I can see from her face that that’s not good and I thought “Oh boy, I feel a CS coming…” She said we can still wait and see though. The baby’s heart rate is still good afterall. Two more IEs later and still no change. No progress. 😦 Baby seems to be stuck at -1 station and won’t go down. I was thinking of trying the exercises we learned from the birthing class but I was already in epidural and the fetal monitor kept me from moving around.

I wasn’t so surprised when the idea of a CS came up. Mostly because our first ultrasound at Makati Med showed my baby may be too big. His estimated weight was 8 pounds. Doc Henson even advised me to go on a diet to keep the baby from gaining more weight. Our last ultrasound with Doc Henson showed his estimated weight at 7 lbs 11oz though. Still too big for me.

By around 3:30PM, we agreed on a CS and the operating room was prepared. My OB mentioned we could still wait a little but she doesn’t think anything would change. In addition, I was afraid that my baby may have already ingested meconium.

Signing consent forms, etc.

I was wheeled in to the operating room and was given more epidural. Doc Henson advised that I would get chills because of it and I did. I was shivering uncontrollably on the operating table. Just before Doc Henson started with the procedure she asked one of the nurses to get my hubby. My hubby arrived after a few minutes and sat near my head. I gotta tell you that he is very squeamish. He’s scared of seeing too much blood. It’s actually fun to see his reactions sometimes when we watch the Walking Dead. Hehe. He looked nauseous and had his head down the whole time. I asked him if he was feeling alright and told him to just look at my eyes.


After a few minutes I heard Doc Henson say that the baby is almost out and that there was already a LOT of poop. She asked the hubby if he wanted to see. The hubby thought that the baby was already out of my tummy but he was mistaken. They were just about to get him out and he saw them pull him out head first. They raised him up so I could see him. He had such a strong cry. The hubby took some photos and then sat back down looking more nauseous than he did a few minutes ago.



As they were wiping our baby clean the hubby was called to check him. Afterwards, they brought him to me to breastfeed. I remember thinking how heavy he was. And that’s why he had a hard time going down and got stuck at -1 station. We took some more photos and then they asked the hubby to come with them to the nursery so they left the operating room as I was being stitched back up.

A couple more minutes and I was done. They wheeled me back to the birthing room where my mom was waiting. I was still getting the chills and couldn’t help shivering even though I already had two blankets and a jacket. Later on the hubby came and I asked about the baby. They brought him to the nursery but nobody came back out to talk to the hubby yet. He waited a while and then decided to check on me first. This was also when the hubby told me about our baby’s birth defect. He was born with microtia which means his left ear is underdeveloped and did not have an ear canal. This was actually a relief for us. Why? We were expecting worst after the CAS ultrasound result. We were just glad that it wasn’t anything worse. The first thing that I actually said when he told me about it was that “Atleast there’s no way we’ll bring home the wrong baby.” No “Mara Clara”/”Switched At Birth” drama here. The hubby went back to the nursery to check on our baby again and after a couple more minutes they brought our baby to me so he can breastfeed some more.

Not sure if you could see his left ear here. Apparently, they called the hubby to show him his ear and he took the opportunity to take photos as well.
I know I look like crap but I don’t care. First mother and son photo. Proud mama here…
Family pic! You’ll notice that they were covering his left ear here. I guess they didn’t want me to see it yet so as not to stress me out.

I was supposed to stay at the birthing room for two hours only but it took a while for them to prepare our room and I think it was already around 8PM when they brought me to my room where we unknowingly spent a whole week.

In any case, that’s our birthing story. Our baby, Corzen Jayden (or CJ) was born on Oct-1 at exactly 4PM via C-section. He was 8lbs 1oz and 52 cm long. His Apgar score is 9/9.

I’ll post more about what happened next in another post…


10 thoughts on “Our Birthing Story

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    • Hindi rin kami covered ng HMO, sis. Lahat sagot namin. Ang bill namin is much higher kasi we had to stay in the hospital for a week. CJ had jaundice and he had to undergo 1-week worth of antibiotics. Hospital alone was around 150k+ ata. No PF from the doctors yet.

  2. aww..and to think may nabasa din akong isang blog na mas malaki pa yung PF ng doctors compared sa hospital bills.

    pareho tayo ng OB but I’m currently resolving some ovary-related issues. Planning to have my second child sana next year kaso parang ang mahal hahaha…

    • oo, sis.ang mahal! haha. PF of OB is very pricey and yung partner anesthesiologist din nya is mahal din. Then PF of pedia and since my baby had microtia may pedia-ENT din na tumingin. naduling ako sa bills. 😀

      hope everything will be well with you and may you be blessed with another baby soon. 🙂

  3. hi sis.. i just reda your story..im about to give birth too in 3 mos time, hopefully sa mmc din kasi sa mmc ang OB ko, how much you total cost ng delivery mo? hoping to get a reply thank you^_^ regards sa baby and hubby mo ^_^

    • thanks po. i cant remember exact figures pero i think nasa 150k yung hospital fees pa lang. CS ako and that is just for the delivery. we had extra expenses kasi may complications si CJ so we had to stay sa hospital for a week.

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