Changing OB at 33 Weeks

Some people might think that I was crazy when I decided to change OB less than 2 months before my due date. It wasn’t because my previous OB did anything wrong that prompted me to this decision but it was mostly the hospital’s fault in a way.

During our childbirth classes, we found out that there were hospitals that do not allow the husbands to stay with the mom-to-be during labor and delivery. I don’t know why we never asked our OB about it before. I guess we just assumed that Perpetual allows that. It was a good thing that Chiqui advised us to confirm with our OB that the hubby will be allowed to go in. It was already Aug-2 when we were able to go to our OB for our scheduled checkup and ask her. And unfortunately, we found out that Perpetual doesn’t allow it. And this was a non-negotiable for me.

I’ve never been hospitalized before and it just freaks me out to think about the things that would happen during labor and childbirth no matter how well-informed I am with all the procedures. I once had a minor surgery on my right eye (out-patient) and I was so stressed out about it that after the procedure I had a panic attack, fainted and ended back at the clinic in less than 15 minutes. I just can’t imagine myself going through all the pain by myself.  Even though there are nurses and doctors there to take care of me, I know I can’t just pull a nurse and tell her to hold my hand until the pain goes away during a contraction or ask her to massage my back to relieve the pain.

I thought we could simply just change hospitals but our OB only attends to patients at Perpetual so we had no choice but to change OB as well. The hubby and I had two choices: Makati Medical Center and Asian Hospital. We visited both so we could have a tour and get information and we ended up deciding on Makati Medical Center since it’s near my parents’ house where I usually go home to on weekdays until September and it is very near where I work. An added bonus is that a family friend works as a nurse at MMC’s delivery ward so she was able to assist us with some things every now and then.

After deciding on the hospital, our next task was to find a new OB. My HMO doesn’t cover maternity (boo!) but I was still hoping to find a HMO-accredited OB so I could at least get the checkups for free. We were running out of time though and had to decide fast. The first OB I went to was HMO-accredited but during our first checkup, she seemed really hesitant to take us in because she thought it was already too late in the pregnancy to suddenly change. I do understand the hesitance. Even though there are medical records that we could provide her, she still didn’t know our whole history. She didn’t reject us but the hesitance was there and I could feel that she was uneasy which also made me feel uncomfortable. At one point I felt like I was a kid being reprimanded by a teacher for making this decision or something.

So anyways, I decided to look a bit more. When I was researching birthing stories, I came across Doc Henson’s name a few times so I decided to look her up. Unfortunately, she wasn’t HMO-accredited but since she comes in highly recommended by a friend and a lot of people (based on the reviews I’ve read), I decided to schedule a checkup with her.

The first thing Doc Henson said when we met was “You’re very pregnant!” And I could only smile and agree and quietly hope that she’s the doctor for us and that she won’t reject us. She was very straight-to-the-point with us (even with her price range which is more expensive than the other doctors). There was the hesitance about taking me in very late in my pregnancy already but she didn’t reject us and didn’t give us excuses. She didn’t make us feel bad about anything as well. Actually, I felt very comfortable and confident with her. I could see during our first meeting why she was highly recommended by people. She’s very OC and she explains things very clearly. I felt like we were definitely in the right hands. So even though she wasn’t accredited by my HMO and her rates are more expensive than others, we decided that we found the OB for us.

Despite all the stress that it brought us, I believe we made the right decision. I didn’t let the hospital keep me from having the birth experience that I wanted to have which is with my hubby right beside me. My only regret is that we didn’t change hospital and OB earlier.


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