4D Ultrasound at In My Womb

The hubby and I were walking around Mall of Asia (MOA) when we came across In My Womb which is an establishment where we could have a 4D ultrasound. We decided to inquire and get a 4D to see our baby. I can’t really remember but I think we were already on my 30th week at the time.

We got the package worth 4500php which basically includes some videos of our baby. I was a bit nervous at first because of the CAS result we had but the nervousness became excitement. So we had our ultrasound scheduled and I asked my mom if she wanted to come.

During our initial scan, our baby seemed shy and had his feet up to his head practically blocking his face. We tried for a while to wait and see if he’ll move around but he really mostly had one foot up. We saw parts of his face but only briefly. It was a good thing that in In My Womb, they allow rescans up to four times until you are satisfied within a period of 1 month so we decided to go back another time and get rescanned.

For our second time, we also had my mom with us and invited Jay’s mom too. Our eldest niece also tagged along so our baby had quite an audience… Pressure much? Just like the first time, he had the same foot up blocking his face and would sometimes even block it with his hand. The sonologist tried to wake him up and tapped my tummy a bit to get him to move around. And he did… It was so nice watching him in that monitor and we were all just smiling. When his dimple showed, everyone exclaimed “Dimples!” like it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever seen.

Anyways, here’s a photo of our baby using In My Womb’s 4D scan. The package included printouts of some photos and a CD of his videos which I just loved watching.

JPEG_0021 (2) JPEG_0021 (1)



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