My Mom’s 65th Birthday: Travel Theme

So, my mom celebrated her 65th birthday this year. I’ve been wanting to organize something as big as this since our wedding but there just wasn’t anything big enough to celebrate. And to be honest, I just don’t have the budget to throw something like this for anyone… I’ve been playing around the idea of a vow renewal for my mom and dad but the timing is never right and like I said, the budget just never came.

While waiting for New Year, I was sitting with my mom at the living room when she said that she wanted to celebrate her 65th birthday this year and asked if I can help coordinate it for her. Of course I said YES and I got really excited about it. I started thinking of themes, venues and planned on going to wedding fairs to get some ideas on the latest suppliers.

But then we got the news that the hubby and I are expecting a baby and although we still went on oculars every now and then, most of the planning got stalled because I needed to rest and I was feeling lazy (and sick) ALL the time…

I was initially thinking of a school-themed party since my mom was a teacher for a whole 40 years. I got some inspirations online and found it really cute but I couldn’t completely decide on it yet when we haven’t even booked a venue.

After a few oculars at different venues, my mom then decided to go with Bali Garden. The hubby and I pass the venue every time we go home to Las PInas and one day, we decided to check out the place. My mom really liked it ‘coz aside from it being a nice events venue, they have affordable packages as well.

And since the venue is Bali inspired, my mom thought of having passport-type invitations. From there, we decided to just go with a travel theme party.

Travel theme is a common party theme nowadays. There are different ways of incorporating it and there are a lot of inspiration on the internet that you can use… We incorporated the travel theme idea through:

a) The venue – Who wouldn’t want to go to “Bali”, right?


b) The invitations – We went with passport-type invitations complete with a boarding pass. The whole design/layout of it came from my mom. We just basically told the supplier (Global Invitations) what to do with every page.

c) The escort cards – My mom (and Tita Alice) painstakingly folded more than a hundred airplanes for each guest. My mom wrote the names and stuck number stickers for the table numbers. To better make use of the planes, we had a “game” wherein guests could use their paper planes as props in the photobooth and the best pose with the paper planes win.

d) Registration table decorations
– we semi-DIY’ed a luggage to be put on the table. This luggage is made of plain cardboard and the hubby and I just painted it.
– a map on a corkboard with my mom’s travel photos.
– a globe. I would’ve loved to use a much nicer and bigger globe but that was before I found out how expensive it could be. The first globe I touched when we were looking for one was worth around 10,000.00 PHP! It was really nice but so not worth it. Thankfully, my mom had a small one lying around the house that I didn’t even know about.
– statue of Liberty. We wanted to add famous landmarks to get that travel feel but only ended finding one. My mom got this at Landmark.It’s actually a coin bank and believe it or not, it was originally a glaring neon orange. I have no idea why anyone would make a neon orange Liberty coin bank but that’s what it was. The hubby painted it black and added grey details (I don’t know the right term for it) to make it look like this.
– I also made signs using MS Paint. I put on some nice travel-inspired backgrounds, added some text and had it printed. I used the old frames we had lying around that the hubby and I used for the table numbers from our wedding.
– My mom also got these flags to add to the decors. I was initially hesitant about it because I thought it might make the party look like a United Nations event or something so we just asked our coordinator to decide if it’s something they can still use and I think they were able to use it at the registration table. Some used it as a props for the photobooth as well.
e. Guestbook. We used travel postcards for these which we bought at Bee Happy. Guests can get a postcard, write their messages and drop it in the box (that is also travel-inspired). My idea was to initially use a mailbox but we couldn’t find any and we don’t have the time to DIY it anymore. The hubby and I found a photo storage box at True Value that has a nice travel-inspired design so we got that and just cut a slot big enough to slip the postcards in.
Here’s the dropbox that we used. Just ignore the accessories in the photo below. 😛
f. Table numbers. Bali Garden already provides table numbers that are printed on a frame. They actually look really nice but we thought making these would help us better incorporate the travel theme. We got the numbers from Bee Happy as well and the hubby wrapped it with maps. 🙂

g. The souvenirs. My mom was initially looking at bag tags but that didn’t pan out so we ended up with a pen holder with an airplane decor.

h. The photobooth. Green screen was used for the photobooth and when printed, the backgrounds are different places in Bali. Travel theme elements were also incorporated in the overall layout of the photobooth printout as well as the magnetic Thank You cards.
4R G thank you magnet B

i. The Candy Buffet decors. We advised the supplier that we are having a travel theme for the party and they did their best to incorporate the theme in the candy buffet setup. It was really cute.

I’ll create another post for the list of suppliers.


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