Birthing Class

The scariest thing for me (aside from a Zombie Apocalypse) is childbirth. Just the thought of it makes me cringe and I really don’t like hearing stories about it because it scares me even more. I just can’t imagine myself going through it so when I got pregnant, I decided that I need to attend a birthing class.I Google’d and found Birth TImes by Chiqui Brosas. I started inquiring on my second trimester early on and ended up registering for their July classes.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The website shows the topics that will be tackled but I was pretty clueless with what most of them meant. I just hoped that they won’t show us a video of an actual childbirth because I think that would end up freaking me (and the hubby) out even more. Thankfully, that did not happen at all…

The birth classes consist of four (every Sunday) 3-hour sessions (2-5PM) so that’s 12-hours in total. The venue varies and would depend on how many couples are expected for the schedule. For small groups, they usually hold it at Greenhills and for bigger groups, they hold it at Makati. You can check out their website for the schedules available:

My personal reason for attending the classes is to get educated. I wanted to know the things that could possibly happen during childbirth because I really hate not knowing what to expect. I’m afraid I’ll panic and get too scared which would make the whole childbirth experience even more horrible. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have a vaginal birth at first. I was so scared with everything that I could possibly experience during childbirth that I thought it should be “as painless as possible”. Just get the baby out as fast and painless as you can, please. I don’t want to feel anything… I have very low tolerance when it comes to pain… After attending the classes though, I felt more empowered. The way Chiqui explains things was really great and by the end of the classes, I felt more support from the hubby and braver than usual. The thought of having a C-section (aka knock-me-out-and-just-wake-me-when-it’s-over) was very far away from my mind. This should only happen if it’s really needed (ex. me or baby are in danger).

Another great thing about the birth classes is that you get to share your experiences and learn from other couples as well. Each pregnancy is different, after all. It was nice being around people who can relate with what we were going through at that point in time.

Below photos are from Birth Time’s Facebook account.

10537889_719593744754400_275241473171189312_n 10505503_721275694586205_8773937402946800340_n

I highly recommend Chiqui’s Birth Classes to every pregnant couple out there. It helps lessen the fear and worries and it’s always a great thing to get educated. Specially since this is something that the couple and the baby would have to go through together.

Oh, and as a bonus, we got some sample products from suppliers such as Mustella and Pigeon which were not bad at all.


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