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Its been so long since I last updated this site… Sigh… Well, there has been a lot of changes in my life lately that I just haven’t had the chance to do anything here. I’ve been on maternity leave for almost two months and still haven’t been able to update. Yes, you read that right. Maternity Leave. The hubby and I just had a baby… *squeal* Well, you probably could have guessed that from this post’s title. 😛 I have a draft of my pregnancy announcement here somewhere that I never got to publish which shows how busy and lazy I’ve been.  Hopefully, I get to update this site more soon… I’d like to post about our birthing experience and of course there’s also the Newborn Shoot that our baby had. But before that, let’s start with this…

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I love having photoshoots and its been sort of a tradition for the hubby and I to have one once a year after we got married.

This year, we graduated from postnup shoots and went on to have a maternity shoot. Next year, it would most likely be family shoots all the way to forever. 🙂

To be honest, I wasn’t all that psyched about having a maternity shoot. Pregnancy may have taken a toll on me and I felt tired all the time and not have much energy to plan a shoot. I was really lazy… Other than that, I also haven’t been feeling ‘pretty’ enough to be in front of a camera.I don’t like how my belly and most of my body looks… but I don’t know if this opportunity would ever happen again in the future so I decided to go for it anyways…

Planning wasn’t so hard since I found a stylist who was willing to help me out with planning the shoot. I tried to inquire with different stylists and was very fortunate to have encountered Yvonne Camay. Thanks to a W@Wie (yes, I’m still a member) who recommended her for prenup shoots. I contacted her and asked if she also does maternity shoots and she said yes. So Yvonne sent me her packages and what I really liked about her is that her packages include provisions of clothing which was one of my major concerns. Since I’m pregnant, I don’t have a lot of choices in my wardrobe anymore. I actually have only a few days worth of clothes (I miss my pre-pregnancy wardrobe so much…) and I didn’t have the time to look for photoshoot-worthy clothes for a pregnant woman so when she said that she would be providing clothes for me and with her very reasonable rates, I booked her right away.

Yvonne has been amazing. When I asked her if she could arrange for a package wherein HMUA + styling + photographer is already included because I really don’t want to have to work so much to look for other suppliers (being the lazy, pregnant woman that I am), she didn’t hesitate to contact her colleagues and come up with a reasonable package for me. So as you can see, I didn’t have to do much planning. I left it all to her. We just agreed on a date and a venue and that was that…

The venue was also suggested by Yvonne. I’ve heard of Studio NAMU from W@W as well and it was perfect for an indoor shoot. It’s typhoon season afterall and I didn’t want to risk having an outdoor shoot when we have such unpredictable weather here in Manila.

So anyways, these are our suppliers for our maternity shoot:
Yvonne Camay (stylist)
After that long introduction, I think you’d know by now that we were really satisfied with her service, Yvonne is super nice and very accommodating and of course, talented…

Yvonne didn’t even ask me for a downpayment. All our agreements are via Facebook. We just agreed on things and that was it. It was a breeze working with her. She sent me the pegs/layouts for the maternity shoot as soon as she had it ready and asked me for my opinions.

Like I said, she was my main contact person and she took care of the photographer and make up artist for me so I didn’t have to go back and forth with different suppliers anymore.

She was on time on the day of the shoot. Very professional and warm at the same time. I loved the clothes that she brought which were designer pull outs. She didn’t even get my measurements and everything still fitted well. Even when something’s a little loose, she was able to fix things. She also brought the accessories and the shoes. The hubby and I actually brought some of our own stuffs just in case we could use them but apparently, we didn’t even have to. She provided us with everything including some minor props. She also took very good care of me during the shoot and made sure that I don’t get hurt and assisted me in every way she can.

What could she have done better? Hmmm… I guess she could have given me or the hubby more direction when it comes to posing, etc. But I’m guessing that she was letting our photographer, Ahleks do his thing. After all, they’ve worked together lots of times before and I could see how much trust she has on Ahleks’ skills.

Her husband was with us during the shoot and was taking behind the scene footages. I initially thought they were just photos but apparently, he was taking videos as well. And what was amazing is that the day after the shoot, I received a message from Yvonne that they made us a free behind-the-scenes (BTS) video of the maternity shoot. It was such a nice and sweet gesture and of course I loved the video. It made me even more excited to see the photos.

Click here for the BTS video.

Pamm Merrera (Hair and Make Up Artist)
Pamm is someone I would highly recommend as a make up artist. She’d talk to you and make you feel very comfortable. She made sure that everything she puts on me works well with my face and even taken into consideration that I’m pregnant which could possible affect the way my skin reacts to make up.

I had my hair and make up done at her place so that when we arrive at the venue, she just needs to touch up and finish my hair. She was with us during the shoot, always ready to make sure that I looked good. And I did. She made me feel really pretty so I was happy.

She also teaches make up courses at “Make Up is Forever” which I would love to attend as soon as I find the time and budget for it. ^_^

Ahleks Fusilero (Photographer)
Our photoshoots so far have been with wedding photographers so this was a different experience for us since Ahleks is mostly into Fashion Photography, if I’m not mistaken. If you’ll look at his portfolio or Facebook page, it’s the kind of photography that you’ll find it magazines.

You can easily feel the rapport between him, Pamm and Yvonne. They’ve done photoshoots together before and are already familiar with how each other works. They have their own roles and it’s easy to just trust them with everything.

Ahleks gives direction well and was attentive to detail. I guess with his background in photography, you can’t really expect to have a lot of candid photos or sweet-sweetan kind of photos like you would usually find in prenup/postnup shoots which is why I mentioned that this shoot was a bit different from what we were used to. There wasn’t any “Look at each other…”, “Kiss naman dyan…” kind of vibe. Since we were shooting at a studio that has a lot of photography equipments, he was able to be really in his zone and make use of what he can to deliver good photos. He would sometimes show me the photos from his camera and I loved how he made me look pretty and glamorous. I guess that’s how actresses feel like when they shoot for magazines or endorsements… I can only imagine. ^_^

The downside is that he only gives the edited photos which is not a lot… I think we only got about 20 (more or less) photos from the shoot which is so much less than we’re used to.

Studio NAMU (venue)
Studio NAMU is an indoor venue that has different photography equipments you can use (lights, reflectors, backgrounds, etc.) What’s really nice about the place is that they have different sets that are available and ready for use as well. Exploring the sets for the first time was like entering a museum with different themes. They were all so nice and pretty. I can already imagine coming back here with our baby CJ and having our family shoot here.

They have their own photographers available but you can also just rent the studio for 7,000PHP for three hours. Yup, it’s a bit expensive which is the only negative thing I can say about the place. They have three schedules everyday, 9AM-12NN, 1PM-4PM and 5PM-8PM.

To reserve, I just called their office and confirmed that they’re available on our preferred date and time. They sent their bank details via Facebook where I deposited 2,000PHP to confirm my reservation.

On the day of our shoot, there was someone there to assist us if needed… And when we were done, we just paid the balance and that was it. Easy, no hassle transaction.

The day was tiring but the hubby and I had fun at the same time. For this shoot, the hubby didn’t have much of a role. It’s a maternity shoot afterall so most of the attention was on me. Anyways, I’ll be posting some of our photos next so stay tuned. 😉



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