Random Kwento 20

I’m still alive… somehow… a lot of things have been keeping me busy lately and life has decided to throw some challenges our way which is why I’ve been lazy updating this site. 😦 I still have a couple of drafts lying around that I haven’t managed to finish at all and some of them probably won’t event get published anymore. Boo! But anyways, here’s a random kwento (story) for now. 🙂

Chomper decided to visit us and was inside the house lounging on our bed with me. The hubby was in the other room across from our room checking out some of his stuffs… I noticed Chomper leave the bed and went out. Around 5 minutes later, I started calling her but she didn’t come. So I went outside the room and started looking for her. Couldn’t find her at all. Asked the hubby if he has seen Chomper. He said no. We both started looking for her inside the house and calling out for her. Nothing…

Me: We lost the cat?!
Hubby: ….
Me: How can we be parents when we lost the cat inside an almost empty house??? <panic mode>

5 minutes later the hubby found her inside the dirty kitchen which was closed. She must have jumped to the sink and across the window to the dirty kitchen but couldn’t get back out. -_-


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