Too Late

After exiting DFA last Jan-17, the hubby and I came across this dog. He was so thin and I couldn’t believe that there are people who could bare to look at him and not do something. Grrrr… He was practically skin and bones.

We saw him at the front of Michelin which is right beside DFA. I checked out the area and realized that he doesn’t really have any source of food there. Aside from DFA and Michelin, there was only Petron and even Petron’s convenience store was closed. So basically, he has no place to scavenge for food. All the restaurants are on the other side of the road.

The hubby and I decided to buy him some food at McDonald’s since he really looked starving. We crossed to the other side of the road, ordered two crispy chicken sandwiches and then I asked for some water. I sliced the food into pieces and then went back to where we saw him.

When we got back, we couldn’t see him anymore so we looked around a bit and found him near Petron where there were jeepneys waiting. There was also a barker calling out for passengers. We gave him the food and water. We just placed it at one side where he could get full access to it with no problems. The barker just watched us and didn’t say anything. I still had to go to work that day, so with a heavy heart, we left him with the food and water.

We took some photos and I reported his condition to PALS (Philippine Animal Lover’s Society) and asked for help. After a few days of providing details to the admins, one of the rescuers went to the area to check on the dog. IMAG2658

I was told that the rescuer went to the area we described and learned that the dog actually had an owner. It was one of the barker we saw that day. I couldn’t understand how he could own the dog when the dog was obviously neglected. Aside from that, there were no houses/shelters in the area aside from Petron, Michelin and DFA. They said that the dog has been missing since the morning of the day that Kuya Emil went to look for him. 😦 I don’t know what happened to the dog anymore. I guess we were too late. But everytime we pass by the area, I keep an eye out for him and hope to see him again.


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