Chomper the Cat

Here’s the newest addition to our family… If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen her already.

We saw her on our way home a few blocks from the house. She crossed the street, I yelled “kitty!” and she looked at us. Then the hubby asked if I wanted to take her home and he tried to call her. She came closer as if she actually wanted us to take her home so the hubby picked her up and we brought her home. We fed her, gave her a litter box (we still had the sand from Kisa and Panda) and gave her the dirty kitchen as her room. This was a few days before New Year, Dec-27-2013.

When we first got her, she had a spot of green paint around her nose. She was so skinny and her fur felt dry to touch. She somehow cleaned the paint off her nose little by little (the hubby tried but couldn’t) and her fur has become softer and shinier.


She’s a very curious little cat. She loves to play… I call her the crazy cat. She’s so full of energy and would even just play by herself, chasing something invisible to humans around. Or just give her a pair of sneakers and she’d end up playing with the laces for a good 15-30 minutes. It’s very entertaining to watch her play.

I sometimes call her a monster as well. I’m very much convinced that she wants to kill or eat me. Or maybe both. She likes to bite. Especially me. She’ll lock her attention on my feet, take a pouncing position and attack my feet. She freaks me out sometimes. Because she likes to bite so much, we called her “Chomper”.

I believe that we spoiled her too much. The dirty kitchen wasn’t enough for her and she ended up taking over the living room. She occasionally sneaks in to our room and take over our bed too. 🙂PhotoGrid_1389444808950

My brother-in-law (kuya) adores her so much (he took care of Panda back then) and he catsits him whenever we’re not home, which is a lot of the time. So he started taking her to their place (my mom-in-laws). Everyone just loved her and my mom-in-law watches over her too. She’d take photos of her and post them on Facebook. ^_^ They named her “Tel-Tel” which is a play on my name. They all call her that but I stick to “Chomper” which would probably confuse her. 🙂IMG_20140208_170829 8211_651345214921708_2092494423_n IMG_20140129_195648

The dogs (Peanut and Cutie) used to go after her a lot. She’d run upstairs to kuya’s bedroom since the dogs are not very good with using the stairs. How clever… Peanut eventually stopped going after her while Cutie just loves to play with her. And now they seem to be friends. Or maybe more like frenemies? I’m not sure…PhotoGrid_1393138780318

She got so comfy at my MIL’s place that she didn’t seem to wanna go home. So she stayed there for a while. My MIL eventually started teaching her to go outside to poop so she doesn’t have to use the litter box all the time. And now, when she gets out of the house she’d go home to us. Yay. I was starting to miss her inside our place.

She seems to be a happy and healthy cat and we intend to keep her that way. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a snob like Jobee though.


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