Memory Lane, Tagaytay

Memory Lane was one of our options for our shoot when we were planning our 1st postnup shoot as suggested by Lifestyle by Feliz. However, they didn’t allow skylanterns so we went with Casa Ibiza instead.

I also presented the location for our family shoot to our photographer thinking that we can pretend that it’s our house or something but he mentioned that the place is too small for a family shoot so we scrapped the idea as well.

Despite not having been able to shoot here, it was always at the back of my mind with the aim of visiting the place on our next Tagaytay trip. And then it finally happened… I resigned last December and moved to another company this January (which explains why there hasn’t been much updates here lately). Before starting in my new work, we decided to go to Tagaytay for some R&R and we did just that. 🙂

For our first stop, we headed to Memory Lane for lunch.

Memory Lane is indeed a very photogenic place but I have to agree with Sir Jong that it was too small for a family shoot if that’s the only venue we’re going to use. So, if you’re planning on shooting your prenup here, I suggest having a second location to maximize your day.


The place looks like a cute vintage house outside. Inside, it has been transformed into a restaurant + souvenir shop + salon. The decorations inside are really cute and colorful with a lot of funny signs posted on the walls so after ordering our food, I roamed around and started snapping photos.

Inside Memory Lane…
IMAG2406 IMAG2405










Souvenir shop


Now, on with the food… For starters, we had potato wedges with cheese and bacon bits. The hubby and I really liked the cheesy sauce and would definitely re-order this on our next visit. I only wish the serving was much bigger.

Bulalo Steak. The hubby and I shared this and ordered two rice (which I thought was too expensive at 50php per order). The meat was really tender and the sauce tasted great. The mixed vegetables on the other hand was a little dry but the hubby finished it anyways. 😛

And for our dessert, we had Turon a la mode. A good way to finish our meal. Yum.

I do hope I get to bring my parents here as well so we could try their other dishes. I’m sure they’d like the place.




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