Staycation at Picasso

The best thing about “staycations” is that, you get to “get away”, kick back and relax but still be close to your home. No long drives or airfares that could cost a lot. No super advance plannings. No fuzz.

We were planning our 2013 shoot when Shayla recommended to use Picasso hotel for our venue since we wanted a relaxed kind of shoot. We initially used their account to get a discount so we only had to pay 5,000 PHP for an overnight stay (no breakfast). However, after booking the room, I found a promo at Deal Grocer for the exact same room type. So I called Picasso and asked if we can book our stay using the Deal Grocer promo instead since we haven’t paid for it yet. They said yes so I got the room for only 4500 PHP with breakfast.

I didn’t know that Picasso Hotel was so close to where I work. Not that it mattered since the hubby and I were on leave that week. But I just never noticed the place before. More than a hotel, it is a serviced residence which is very appropriate for people like expats who are just here in Makati to stay for a couple of days due to business. I wish I actually stayed in a place like this when we were in Bangalore because they have a small kitchen place that you can use to cook. 🙂

The hubby and I enjoyed our stay here. A lot of dining places are near the area so we don’t have to order from the hotel restaurant all the time which could get really expensive.

For a shoot, I can see why Shayla and the Boudoir Dolls recommend it since there’s plenty of natural light in the room. Unfortunately, it rained quite a lot during our shoot. But that didn’t stop Shayla from taking great photos which I’ll post another time.


Buffet breakfast is only from 7AM – 9AM. The hubby and I went down to the restaurant on our sleep wear (don’t worry, we looked decent enough) and hesitated going in because everyone looked so professional. We asked if there was a dress code but we were told that there wasn’t so we went ahead. I guess it’s pretty common since most people booked there are there for business after all and it was a weekday.

The food was good although I wish there were more choices. 🙂


And that sums up our stay at Picasso.