Boys and Puppies

The first time I saw photos of Aya Sakai’s son and their french bulldog online my heart just melted with cuteness. They looked sooooooo adorable. Just look at these, aren’t they cute? Photos are from her Instagram account: @ayasakai.

enhanced-buzz-13361-1360719119-1 slide_280713_2103784_free

Yesterday, I found something similar at Yahoo! These are photos of Jessica Shyba’s son and their puppy. They look so comfy together. Who wouldn’t want to take photos of these and post them online? It’s like they’re meant to be together. 🙂 Photos are from her website, check out this link to know more about how this started and how you can help the shelter where they got this puppy (Theo) from.

10858210073-e7ebfefaa4-jpg_160837 10858210463-a58ebb3946-jpg_160837

I hope these boys and their best friends stay like this as long as they can. 🙂

Check out their Instagram accounts for a daily dose of cuteness.


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