Bistro Ravioli

One Friday night, it felt like almost every restaurant that the hubby and I wanted to eat at was full. We walked around Glorietta a bit and came across a small dining place across Kenny Roger’s. Bistro Ravioli.

It intrigued me a bit because I’ve never had ravioli before and I have seen and heard of ravioli from cooking shows and that game called “Cooking Mama” so we decided to try it out. Thankfully, there was one table available so we were able to try it out.


My favorite so far. I’m so addicted to their three-cheese ravioli. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the cheese inside is amazing. The tomato sauce is really good too. Perfect for the garlic bread that it came with.


Fennel Sausage pizza.

Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce. The hubby tried this one and liked it but he says the three-cheese is still better. I only took a small bite since it’s spicy which is not good for my tummy.

I think this one’s the Seafood Spaghettin in Marinara Sauce.


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