Animal Kingdom Foundation

The hubby and I went to Ayala Town Center last Oct-6 to watch a movie when we noticed that there was a dog-related event happening on the grounds. After getting tickets for the movie, we immediately checked it out.

The Chairman of the Animal Kingdom Foundation was having his speech at the time. He was talking about how dog traders should just find another job or rot in jail for what they were doing. It’s ironic how a foreigner can care so much for our Aspins (Asong Pinoy – Filipino Dogs) when a lot of Filipinos care more about pedigreed dogs.


There was a programme prepared but we weren’t able to stay too long to finish everything. There were some competitions, booths and they showed their adoptable dogs. All proceeds of the event was to go to the Animal Kingdom Foundation (located at Tarlac) so I was more than happy to participate.





The hubby and I bought some shirts (they even discounted it) and I just love mine. “No to dog meat trade”. I insist on having this design as it is a statement that I wanted to share with others. Unfortunately, they don’t have it available in adult size. But, they do have some big sizes for kids so I was able to get this. Yay.


We went over to where the adoptable dogs area and my heart just went out for these dogs. These dogs were rescued from dog traders. They were being transported to be butchered but were thankfully rescued and given a second chance in life.



This one reminded me so much of my baby Kyo. They look alike and even have the same coloring and built. The difference is the scar on his snout. Other dogs have it too. These scars are from having ropes or thin metal wires around their snout to prevent them from fighting back. It hurt to think what they went through because of humans. 😦 This dog was adorable, sweet and friendly. He let the hubby pet him and even started to fall asleep while being petted. I think he learned some tricks from their handlers as well. I do hope they get adopted very soon. I wish I could adopt all of them but sharing is all i could do right now. Please adopt. Don’t shop.


Check out this site for their adoptables:


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