Balloon Festival 2010


The hubby and I went with some of my friends to the Balloon Festival last 2010 at Pampanga. It was a long drive but I’d say it was well worth it. It was actually a full weekend trip for us then. We went to Zoobic and Ocean Adventure on our first day and stayed overnight at a hotel so we could go to the festival the next day. I remember it to be a busy weekend for Subic. There were a lot of tourists and it was actually difficult to get a room on a hotel. I think I’ll have a separate #throwbackthursday post for our Zoobic and Ocean Adventure experience. 🙂

We originally planned to wake up super early to get to the festival so we can see the balloons get prepared for the festival but that did not work out as planned. Although we got there early in the morning, it wasn’t early enough and there was already a long line at the entrance.

What can you see here? Hmmm… Air exhibitions (air gliding, planes), balloons (duh), kites and some exhibits. Anyways, these are some of the photos I managed to dig up from our Balloon Festival experience.

PhotoGrid_1383292484557 PhotoGrid_1383292524078 3 PhotoGrid_1383292562980 5 6 7 PhotoGrid_1383292600079 PhotoGrid_1383292625927 10

I would love to go back and experience this again. I so miss traveling with friends.


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