Minion Overload

Halloween means Trick or Treat which was one of my favorite office events at work. Each of our floor would get assigned a theme that we had to adhere to and it’s always fun to come up with activities and decorations for it. There are some changes brought about by our new office building that dampened things up but we still looked forward to it.

This year, our theme was ‘Despicable Me’ and I’m proud to say that our floor won. Our area was decorated with lots and lots of minions that were made from 2-liter bottles of soda and I think the kids had a lot of fun in our activity area… Look!

The hubby made these for me. I hate crafts…
A lion hiding behind a tree. Maybe he spotted a prey?
Minion tree. I LOVE the maid minion on top. Everyone wanted to take it home.
Somebody need superheroes?

Minnie Mouse and her minions. Cute!
Let’s color!
Somebody made this giant Thor Minion for the event.
But he ended up getting abandoned by his owner and was up for adoption in the end… 😛


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