Omakase – Ayala Triangle

The hubby and I have been frequenting Omakase whenever we want something Japanese for lunch or dinner. It’s near our office so it’s very accessible. Since my brother wanted Japanese for his birthday celebration and I will be coming from work, we decided to take them there so they could try it.

The interior of the restaurant is really nice. It has Kimi Dolls displayed everywhere and I really like the grey-and-purple furniture too. Of course, it’s the food that get us coming back here… This was the first time we ordered lots of dishes since there was a group of us and I think everyone enjoyed dinner. 🙂

Spot my parents…

One of my favorite Japanese appetizers… Edamame. I learned about it from Nina. A kid from Japan with videos in youtube that I just LOVE. Check out one of her videos about edamame-power:

Shoyu Ramen
One of my favorites… Salmon Sashimi.
Beef and Chicken Teppan Combo
Tofu Steak.
I think it’s Salmon or some other kind of  fish… I know I should take notes but all thoughts escape my mind when food is being served in front of us.
Stuffed Chicken
I think this one’s American Dream. It’s fried and it has salmon or tuna.

After dinner, we went to Caramia for dessert which was just next door. Lots of cakes and gelato to choose from. 🙂



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