Villa Escudero


A few years ago, the hubby and I went to Villa Escudero with two of my former teammates.

Villa Escudero is a coconut plantation at San Pablo City which also has a restaurant under a man-made waterfall, museum and hotel among other things. Its been a while since our visit so I can’t really tell you much anymore. I don’t remember the prices but I do remember that we had a really nice time.

The museum was interesting with lots of items from their collections but taking photos inside is not allowed.


The waterfall restaurant was a nice experience. They put dining tables and benches under the waterfall so you dine on water. You’ll see people, mostly kids, bathing on the falls right away after their meals. I don’t remember the food being that good though and I read some complaints about their service here online.


There was also a pool which I failed to take a single photo of. The hubby and I took a dip while my friends watched some of the shows.

Afterwards, we all took turns riding the bamboo rafts.

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It’s not on my list of places I want to go back to but Villa Escudero is a nice place to spend the day if you’re planning to have a trip with the family since there are a lot of activities/atttractions available.

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