The Wrong Ramen

The hubby and I have been ramen-lovers for a while now (I blame Naruto for this)… Kenji Tei’s Miso Butter Corn has been a staple whenever we have cravings since there are quite a few branches around which makes it accessible to us but I thought we needed to try new places. So I have been reading online about nice Japanese restaurants where we could get some ramen when a friend posted a photo in Facebook when they had dinner one time at the Wrong Ramen. The name itself already piqued my interest. The Wrong Ramen? What the heck is that? I googled a bit and when I saw photos of the posters on their walls and the dessert named “Poop of the Gods”, I was sold. I had to try it here. I told the hubby about it and next thing I knew we were headed there for dinner.

The Wrong Ramen is located at Burgos Circle of Bonifacio Global City. The place is quite small but I think they made use of the space effectively. The decor is really nice too. The posters on the walls are very funny… and honest.





The food just seemed so weird. It defies imagination. I mean, who could have possibly come up with the F.U. Ramen? Breakfast in liquid form. It had fried eggs, bacon and spam… I went for the safer Lite Tonkotsu Ramen while the hubby was daring enough to try their F.U. Ramen and we really liked both of these. I wish we could have tried their other dishes too but when I saw the big bowls of ramen of the other customers that were already eating, I knew that my tummy does not have enough room to order other dishes.



We got to try the popular “Poop of the Gods”, a scoop of Belgian Chocolate with Sea Salt and Olive Oil. I really liked the combination of the chocolate and the salt but I was not so thrilled with the olive oil.


Overall, we had a good experience at the Wrong Ramen and I would love to come back to try their other dishes. Maybe with friends so we can order more… 😛


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