The N.E.W Fashion & Beauty Fair

I’ve been a big fan of Tricia Gosingtian for the past few years so when I read somewhere (not sure if she tweeted it or posted somewhere else) that she’ll be at the Rockwell Tent on Sunday (Oct-20) for the Beauty and Fashion Fair, I got the hubby to go there with me.

The event itself was quite small. We got tickets for 100php each and got some eco bags and magazines as we entered the tent. We perused some of the booths to look for something we can buy. There were a lot of make-up stuffs and since I don’t know anything about that, I stuck with the fashion side of the fair instead. The first thing that caught my attention were the prescription glasses and shades that Wear Vintage was selling. The hubby and I have been looking for new frames since our old ones needed replacement but it’s really hard to look for frames that I really liked and affordable at the same time so it has been taking us a while to get new ones. When the attendant of the booth mentioned that the lenses of their eyeglasses can be changed to prescription ones, I started trying out one frame after another. They were very affordable at 550php or 750php each and I really like their style too. We got three pairs and went to Executive Optical to have the lenses changed. The lenses cost more than the frames. I hope these frames last…

A shoutout to the attendant who took his time to look for us all over the venue (though we weren’t that hard to find since there wasn’t a lot of people anyways) to give back some of our money back because we didn’t realize that we paid too much. 🙂 Thanks for the effort and honesty!


While going through our choices on frames, I noticed that Tricia was at the booth just behind us. I was star-struck. It was the first time I’m seeing her in person and she was so pretty. 🙂


I got to say hi, buy a pair of shoes from her and take a picture with her so I came home a happy girl. ^_^


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