Random Kwento 19: Girl’s Holiday Out

Its been so long since I took a holiday. Being part of the Customer Support industry where we cater to clients all over the world, we don’t really get to experience holidays that much. October 15 was declared a holiday and I was fortunate to be able to take the day off. Yay. (It won’t be happening again for the rest of the year though)

I thought about what I should do this day and decided to contact two of my best friends back in high school. I’ve seen Lane a few times the past year or so but Mary Anne has been MIA for quite some time. We don’t really blame her since she has her kids, husband and mom to take care of. Fortunately, all three of us were available yesterday and we got to have lots of fun.

We didn’t really plan anything big. We just went to RedBox at Greenbelt for some videoke and then watched a movie. Its been such a long time since we did anything like this and we had so much fun just singing, talking and spending time together.

I hope this little meet ups happen more often. I miss a lot of my friends and its so weird to go from seeing each other everyday to having to schedule way ahead of time to be able to meet.



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