Random Kwento 18: Mega traffic

It was my brother’s birthday so we had dinner out at a Japanese restaurant. They had bottomless iced teas which we all (except for my mom) ordered. After dinner and dessert, we decided to head home where we encountered the worst traffic EVER!

From Ayala Triangle to EDSA, it took more than 30 minutes. As soon as we entered EDSA, I felt the need to pee. Traffic was at its worst that day. My dad, who has bladder problems ever since I can remember, said he couldn’t hold it any longer and practically jumped out of the car (in the middle of EDSA) to find a toilet. He said he’ll just take the MRT back.

After passing the underpass (before Magallanes), me, my brother and his girlfriend couldn’t hold it any longer either. So we decided to get out of the car as well and walk back to Ayala to be able to pee. It was a long walk. We went to the nearest establishment (which happened to be a hotel) just to use the washroom. I have never felt so happy to see a toilet. That was one of the worst experience we ever had. My brother and his girlfriend decided to stay at the mall and watch a movie and I took the MRT home. By the time I got home, they were still stuck at Magallanes. Poor mom and hubby (he used the toilet before he left so he thankfully did not end up like us).

The cause of the traffic was a bomb scare near our place (Pasay) which ended up closing both lanes of EDSA. The bag suspected of having explosives inside ended up having only trash. Geez.

Lesson learned: After consuming more than two glasses of beverages on a meal, pee before you head home.


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