Snow White Dress

We were thinking of doing a Snow White-inspired prenup shoot when I found this sketch online.

I used this as an inspiration and had a dress custom-made (longer and minus the inner skirt) for our shoot at Batlag Falls with Shayla and Dennis (Imagine Nation apprentices at the time). Batlag Falls just had that enchanted feel to it that I really wanted to do something fairytale-inspired. (I also wanted to do Red Riding Hood here but we couldn’t find a red hood.)

I ended up using the dress for two more shoots although the white one was the most used. ^_^ At first I was afraid that the colors may be too loud on photos but I think the combination of the colors looked really good. Especially with lots of trees on the background. Here are some photos from three different shoots using the same dress.

Photographer: Dennis Yu and Shayla Sanchez (Imagine Nation)
HMUA: Doray Sarfuentes
Location: Batlag Falls



Photographer: Ed Sermona (Smart Shot Studios)
HMUA: Doray Sarfuentes
Location: Light of Love
Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz (They taped the hem of the skirt to make it look shorter)

Photographer: Boxout Photography:
Location: UP Diliman



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