A Taste of L.A.

For my father’s birthday, I brought my family to A Taste of L.A for dinner. I read about it online and thought it would be a nice and affordable place to try out with everyone. The place is in Quezon City which is far away from our homes so I was hoping that it will be worth the travel time.

What I liked about the place is that it’s cozy and has a nice ambiance. I don’t always get to take my family out in places like this so it was a nice change for us. I felt that some areas are a bit cramped though. We were the only guests in the area we were seated (top floor near the staircase) which was nice but as we were getting the bill, another (bigger) family (with kids) came in for dinner and was seated on the table beside ours and it got a bit noisy. It’s a good thing that we were done by then, otherwise, the noise could really ruin the mood of a nice family dinner. In addition to this, the place is quite dark. It was sooooooooooo hard to take photos inside (and I hate using flash) so forgive me (again) for the not-so-nice photos.

Anyways, we were able to enjoy our time there and the food is quite good.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Purée of pumpkin with Parmesan chip 250.00
Pic 010

Pritchon Pugon. There’s irony in the name – their wood-fire baked lechon stuffed into ultra-thin Chinese pancakes (6 pcs.) 420.00
Pic 022

Its been so long that I can’t remember which one this is. It’s either Lechon Pugon Wood-fire baked crackling pork belly, pickled papaya, plum sauce 340.00 or Twice-Cooked Lechon Crisp-fried next day lechon 330.00.
Pic 027

Other dishes that I can’t remember. Sorry.
Pic 008

Pic 013

Cheese pizza.
Pic 017

And I think this one’s Asian salad.
Pic 024

Street Barbecue Skewers of spicy pork grilled over charcoal 320.00. I asked my brother to take a photo. Obviously, he does not know how to use a camera.
Pic 029

My mom also ordered tempura at the last-minute which I didn’t get to take a photo of because I forgot. 😛


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