Cat and Dog Shoes

I found this really cute pair of shoes online (Clothes for the Goddess) and just had to have it. I think any pet lover like me should consider getting one. Hehe.

There’s a pair of cat shoes, a pair of dog shoes and a mix of two. I liked the cat design better but since I love dogs, I felt guilty getting a pair of cat shoes when I don’t have dog shoes yet. So I got the mixed one instead. 😛

1013140_497037903708168_1632036292_n 382535_497037910374834_923272770_n 946247_497037913708167_1208334440_n

The actual shoes turned out to be different than the photos that was posted on the FB site. The photos show the cat and dog as a print while the ones sent to me has sewn leathery material that is similar to the photo.


I was a bit disappointed but a cat-and-dog shoes is a cat-and-dog shoes and I still love it.

What do you guys think about my shoes?


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