Dining at Arena Island

My favorite part of our Arena Island vacation is the dining experience. No dining experience was the same and it’s what made the hubby and I look forward to everyday that we were there.

Arena Island has their own chef. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet him/her. The food was really good. It wasn’t fine dining/fancy type of food but it was really good home-cooked meals. I’m not sure if you could request certain kinds of foods though.

As mentioned in my previous post, our butler, Em-Em arranged for us to have our lunch inside our casita as we requested. The meals would of course have seafood that some of their staffs caught themselves. Definitely fresh.
Pic 041
Pic 044
Pic 045
Pic 046
Pic 047
Pic 055

We had our dinner by the beach which was really nice. Em-Em originally planned for us to have it at the sandbar but since it was really cloudy during the afternoon, she thought it would be easier to have our dinner by the beach near our casita. That way, if it rained, we can easily take cover.

Dinner preparation on-going…
Pic 189

Pic 196

Pic 201

Pic 203

Pic 197

Pic 198

Jay enjoyed those crabs a LOT. Very meaty. The lanterns have already gone out and he just kept eating. πŸ™‚
Pic 202

Our breakfast was arranged at our own viewing deck.

Pic 235 Pic 236

Snacks were served at the floating deck while we were snorkeling. I wish I got to take photos. Snorkeling was my second favorite experience at Arena Island and it was really nice to have snacks while surrounded by marine life. And as I mentioned before, it was one of the best banana Q I ever had.

We then had lunch at the tree house. There were hammocks near the tree house where you could laze around after lunch.

Pic 270
Pic 259

Pic 249

Pic 250

Pic 256

Em-em brought us sandwiches while we were playing scrabble in the afternoon which I failed to take photos of again. I was losing the game so I completely forgot about the photos.

We finally got to have that dinner at the sandbar. It was really dark with just the few lanterns that Em-Em setup for us. I loved this experience because we have the sea and sand completely surrounding us. And since we were far from the casita, it added to the privacy. Em-Em also had the knack for popping out when we need her (like taking photos or a change of lantern is needed) and then disappearing when we wanted to have privacy.

Table and chairs have been setup. Just waiting for dinner time. Sorry, I should have used the zoom for this shot but I wanted to capture the whole image. And now it’s like playing “Where’s Wally?” only it’s the table setup that you’re supposed to be looking for. πŸ™‚

Pic 296

Pic 298

Pic 299

Pic 300
Sand lobsters. They’re the same ones you could eat at Seven Corners.
Pic 292

Pic 311

Our last breakfast at Arena Island was just in front of our casita beside the viewing deck. It was really sad to think that we had to leave soon. 😦
Pic 316

Pic 319

Pic 322

While packing our stuffs (*sniff*), Em-Em served as a pancake with honey. This was so good that it made me feel sadder to leave.
Pic 325


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    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ My DSLR is a Nikon D3000 a very old model that has been asking for a replacement for a long time. Hehe. But I also use my camera phone a lot here, which is a HTC One V. I don’t like bringing my DSLR all the time and even when I do I get too lazy to use it. For this particular post, most if not all are from my D3000. πŸ™‚

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