Harry Potter Wands

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween, I thought I’d post about the Harry Potter wands that the hubby made for our wedding. I found the instructions on how to make the wands here and sent it to the hubby: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-awesome-Harry-Potter-wand-from-a-sheet-of-/?ALLSTEPS

The hubby has always been the crafty one so it was right up his alley. Here’s another set of instructions that may be a bit easier to follow:110714PotterHuntsvilleTab15

Instead of using paper, we used a wooden stick we found somewhere in Quiapo. All the hubby had to do is decorate them with a glue gun, paint them and voila!


Needless to say that all of the wands were taken home by guests sitting on the Harry Potter table. 😛


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