Puerto Princesa, Palawan

#throwbackthursday … Kinda…

By the time this post gets published I should be back in Palawan with the hubby to celebrate 12 years of togetherness and hopefully enjoying the beautiful beach (rain, rain go away). (Banzai!) Which reminded me of the first time that we went to Palawan back in 2009. Hence, the ‘Throwback Thursday’. I think I’ll do this #tbt thing every once in a while and post about the places we went to or things we did from years ago.

This was our first trip outside Luzon together and I was really excited. We initially planned on going with two of my friends from my previous work but because of some superstitions, Mirza decided not to go ahead with the trip. But of course, that did not stop me, the hubby and Tin from going anyways. 😛



It was rainy season (like it is now) back then and it did rain a lot while we were there (which sucked) but we were still able to explore Puerto Princesa. We stayed at PADS by Legend Palawan. The rooms were small but it didn’t bother us much since we weren’t planning on spending too much time inside our rooms anyways. As soon as we arrived, we booked an island hopping tour at Honda Bay. I don’t have that much photos though, I relied on Tin and her camera for that so sorry for the lack of photos in this post.





One of the main attractions of Palawan is the Subterranean River which is the longest navigable underground river in the world. It is also one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. How cool is that? It is definitely a must-see if you’re in Palawan. It was very dark inside which made it hard to take decent photos. Specially since we only had a cheap digicam at the time. (Boo!) But despite the dark, you can still appreciate the beauty of nature inside. I just wish I could have captured them in photos as well. Rocks, stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes and sizes can be seen inside.










On our last day, just before our trip back to Manila, we had a city tour where we were taken to the crocodile farm (which was closed at the time), butterfly farm, Rancho Sta. Monica and Baker’s Hill.








None of the locations we went to above will be part of our itinerary this time around. But I do hope I can go back and do the same things on a summer so we could enjoy it better.


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