12 Years and Going Strong

The hubby and I just celebrated 12 years of togetherness. Woot! Woot! Our Palawan trip was planned to celebrate this but since we wanted to do something special on our day, we decided to go to my favorite restaurant, Lemuria. They have a new sampler set menu that I was interested to try out. I like sampler menu sets because it’s a way for us to try different dishes in one meal since their dishes are quite pricey if ordered as a la carte.

We weren’t very lucky that evening. There was a sudden downpour which caused major traffic. I reserved a table for us for 7:30PM. We arrived just before 9:00PM which was about the time they close their kitchen (as advised by the guard). How unlucky, right? To spend around three hours in traffic to get to the restaurant only to be turned away because they’re already closed. Oh, my hungry tummy was complaining like crazy. Good thing that we got the guard to check with the staff and see if we can still be accommodated and they agreed (sigh of relief)… Yay!

We had to rush it though since it was already late and we were a long way from home. Despite that, we still tried to enjoy our food. The menu…


It’s the same Amuse Bouche that we had during our last visit. Salmon and caviar. Still not a fan of caviar.


Roasted Tomato and Clam Soup. I don’t think I’d ever order tomato soup on purpose but I liked this one. A bit on the sour side though. Or are all tomato soup like that?


Watermelon and Feta salad. I still don’t eat salad so I just picked the watermelons and got the hubby to finish my plate. 😛


Barramundi. I liked the whole combination of this dish. I think there’s tomato and some bell peppers there. What I like about Lemuria is that despite the fact that I don’t usually eat certain things (like tomato and bell peppers), I’m still able to appreciate the food and eat almost everything on my plate because they all taste good together. If I were to compare this to their sea bass risotto though, I’ll still go with the risotto.


Lemon and Ginger Sorbet. Of all the sorbets that they have served me, I think this one is at the bottom of my list. I thought it was too sour and I really don’t like ginger at all. But still, I was able to finish it.


Duck Confit with French Cassoulet. The duck was crispy and really good but I didn’t appreciate the cassoulet that much.


Beef bourguignon. The beef was so tender and flavorful and the mashed potato was really good. This was my favorite dish in the set.


Lemuria Cheesecake. I’m not sure what those round things in the middle called but I liked it. They pop in your mouth. The apple sorbet also made up for the lemon and ginger one that I didn’t enjoy much. The cheesecake with the raspberry was of course the main feature of the dish and it was really nice.


After the meal, we got back to the car and found out that our headlights were both busted. Damnit! Bad luck, begone!


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