URBN Bar and Kitchen

We got to try dining at URBN twice thanks to the Deal Grocer promo. We bought two vouchers worth 650.00 with a value of 1,000.00 each. Not bad, right? I’ve never heard of URBN before this but the menu I saw from the site seemed really promising.

We initially planned on using the two vouchers in one go but since our orders during our first visit didn’t reach 2,000.00 we decided to just use the second voucher for another visit. It was a good decision since we were able to maximize our visits here.

At first I thought the place would not really suit family gatherings since it’s also a bar but URBN can also be a really nice place to have dinner with family and friends.

Forgive the poor photography, I had to use my phone. 😛 As usual…

Dress Code

Smoking seats




Since I love potato chips, we of course had to order their Homemade Potato Chips With Aioli and Pesto dip (250.00). The chips were crispy and the hubby really loved the dips.


The Seafood Chowder (200.00) was amazing. There was ample portions of seafood, potato and carrots and I just really loved the soup. I ordered this on our second visit as well.


Double Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly (395.00) Chinese cabbage coleslaw, mashed potato and mustard jus. I wasn’t that wowed with this one. Not sure if I was comparing it to Lemuria’s Kurobota Pork which I really liked. But it was still nice.


My Aunt Litzie’s Lasagna (360.00). I didn’t enjoy the lasagna that much but the hubby did like it. I made him finish it. 😛


Chocolate Love-ah Cake (250.00) With rock salt and extra virgin olive oil. ❤


On our second visit, we tried their Manchego Souffle (395.00) with Crispy Jamon Serrano and Truffle Cream sauce. (Please allow 20 mins.) This one I LOVED to bits. It’s definitely a must try. I loved everything about it. It was perfect. Will definitely order this again if I ever had the chance to go back (Deal Grocer, more promo please…)


Crispy Skin Salmon with Caper cream sauce and bacon and leek potatoes (320.00). This was a really nice dish and I really liked the potatoes.


Glazed Beef Ribs (570.00) Bacon creamed corn and gratin potatoes. The hubby really like the gratin potatoes. I liked it too but not as much as I loved the bacon creamed corn. Will definitely order that as a side dish next time. The ribs was really flavorful and tender.


We didn’t order dessert on our second visit because we no longer had room in our tummies. I would’ve loved to try their other desserts.


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